Monday & Tuesday

My inner light shines far and wide.

This card wants you to know you are making a difference in the lives of others. In ways that you may not even know, many benefit because of you. Your light radiates far and wide.

The Universe wants you to know that sometimes the smallest actions can have the greatest impact. Perhaps it’s a smile shared with a stranger, a kindness extended to an acquaintance, or a favor done for a friend. This is akin to the story about the man who returns beached starfish to the sea. Although he knows that he cannot possibly save them all, he continues his work because it makes a difference to the few he can save. You CAN and will change lives. Take steps today that will make a difference in the life of another.

Take some time and ask yourself the following:

How can I make a difference?

Whose life is positively impacted because of me?

What can I do to make even more of a difference in the world?

Wednesday & Thursday

I am in the flow of the Universe.

Everything is falling into place because you aren’t resisting the drift of the great river of life. Let go of the shore and allow the currents to dictate your direction. You don’t need to decide and plan everything yourself. Let things flow effortlessly.

The Universe wants you to know that when you are truly in the flow, you don’t need to push or exert great effort to make things happen. Is there is a situation in your life that isn’t falling into place, let it go. It’s not the right time. If there aren’t smooth currents regarding a specific area of your life, it might mean that you are trying to control the outcome, or that you are being overly self-critical. Know that you can flow around any obstacle. The way to do so is with gratitude and appreciation. Allow others and Spirit to support and care for you.

Take some time and ask yourself the following:

Is there anything stopping my ability to adapt to the circumstances of my life? If so, how can I move beyond it?

What is the most important area in my life to let go of so that I can get into the flow?

Do I feel the need to stay in control, and does this truly serve me?

Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday

My light illuminates the world.

There is a luminosity within you that’s expanding. It illuminates others and brings light to the darkness. Your radiance also acts as a sacred beacon that calls the bounty and support of the Universe to you.

The Universe wants you to know that even if you’ve been feeling lackluster lately, know that there’s a vibrant, shimmering light radiating within you. Take time to be still and welcome the light revealing itself to you. Own your radiance, and the rays will expand into the farthest reaches of time and space. When you shine brightly from your heart, the bounty of the Universe showers you with blessings. You are the light.

Take some time and ask yourself the following:

How can I shine even more brightly?

Who helps me shine, and who dims my light?

What do I need to clear out of my life so I can shine even brighter?


This coming week’s focus is to bring your own attention back to yourself. We are rediscovering who we have become in the last year. Intuitively, I feel deeply that pondering the questions for each day will assist all of us in getting to know who we are much better. Even more than that, your angels guide you to journal about each question. Just write as the information flows, no pausing for editing grammar or spelling. The exercises are all about getting the information out and bringing forth realizations we have yet to come upon. The experiences of helping others and solely focusing on them the last few weeks has taken its toll and now its time to recenter and see yourself as others see you, as your angels see you. As beautiful beings of love and light who sacrificed to come here in this day and time to spread your light and love. Bring yourself back into your flow, ground yourself, spend time in meditation, in silence, in visualization and be ready to reveal to the world your illuminating radiance. Your time is now!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s reading! Have a beautiful week!

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Love and Light Always

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