Monday & Tuesday


Alternative Course & Choices

Do not delay in making the choice facing you. This is an auspicious moment to feel out an alternative course of action. Take time to sense your body’s reaction to your current circumstances. ‘Rehearse’ an option you would like, and gauge your physical reaction. Note the differences between your current life and the imagined scenario. Go with the choice that makes you feel happier, even if it’s a seemingly difficult change. If you would like to try out an alternative in dress-rehearsal dream, focus upon the relevant situation before falling asleep. Upon awakening, notice how you feel and any messages you received during dream time.

You are being guided to change your course of direction as your current situation no longer serves you. Call upon your support system for help in these life changes.

Wednesday & Thursday


Emotions, Initiation & Rejuvenation

This card is letting you know that you need to tune in to your emotions. Water symbolizes human consciousness. Are you swimming in deep or shallow emotion? Are your feelings muddy or clear? Do they run vast like an ocean? Perhaps it’s as if your emotions come crashing down upon you. It is important for you to take time to understand them and their root.

Archangels Haniel and Raguel are assisting you with this and they ask you to spend time near a body of water and to rest and purify your emotions — to balance them. This is a type of ‘rebirth’ for you through water initiation. Jump into this opportunity with both feet and you will swim! Unlock your sensuality and passions by connecting with water.

~ Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday


Manifesting, Planting & Reaping

Plant a physical garden or the seeds of your desires. This card symbolizes the sowing and reaping of manifestation. It is time to start gardening — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Share your desires with the Divine and the Angels. Let them know what your heart years for. But do not be idle. Take action by using visualization and manifestation techniques. Do affirmation work.

This card is also calling for you to gather the gifts of the harvest without guilt. Do not block that which you have asked for. There’s no need to be afraid to accept the wonderful bounty of your desires and hard work. You deserve to receive.

Archangels Jophiel and Ariel are assisting you with this and encourage you to take some classes that will expand your horizons and inspire you. As you do so reap what you’ve been sowing by allowing yourself to take a rest and enjoy your abundance. Spending more time in nature and caring for the earth by planting your desire seeds according to the moon phases will enhance your life beyond belief.


This coming week’s focus is for you to notice what is no longer working for you and to address these things. With the energy of Aries coming in this week many of us will be guided to spring into action and see an increase in our energy. Aries comes in at the perfect time giving us the motivation and energy to make these life changes we are being guided through. As we do we are asked to remember to stay grounded and connected to ourselves, to mother nature, and most of all to our emotions. We are in the season of harvest so some of us are coming up on the end of cycles as we finish things up. We are asked to begin thinking of where we want to go next and to plant those seeds of manifestation so that they are ready to begin cultivating in the spring. It’s time to re-evaluate goals. Some of you will be harvesting and finishing things in the next month or two and the rest of you it will take through the end of this year but no matter when your cycles are ending it’s time to start planning out your goals for the next cycle and working with your Spirit Team to to see where you need to go next. Dream out some of these courses to see which is the best for you at this time.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s reading! Have a beautiful week!

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Love and Light Always

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