Monday & Tuesday


This isn’t the moment to attempt things alone. Your Spirit is isolated and needs extra support and energy. It’s time to convene with kindred Spirits — contact those who genuinely know you, love you, and deeply appreciate your Spirit.

Create a way to be together with your loved ones. Whether it’s a leisurely conversation over the phone, a shared mean, or a walk through the park, their support, affection, and perspective will re-energize you, helping you regain your confidence and put clarity on your present situation. Whether you need someone to act as a sounding board for your concerns or simply help you take your mind off your worries, step back and have some fun with those you love best. Time spent with your soul family will allow you to remember what’s most important to your Spirit right now, and the added support is essential to your success.

Wednesday & Thursday


Presently your Spirit is calling you to make choices that will serve others’ needs more than your own. It may be as simple as giving up an hour at the gym in order to help your company finish a project, skipping a pre-planned night out with friends in order to host a last-minute visitor from out of town, or changing your vacation dates in order to attend your employer’s wedding. Whatever sacrifice you’re called upon to make, know that in the big picture, your willingness to do so is serving the greater good of all.

The ego doesn’t like to be interrupted. It perceives a change in plans as an affront to its importance and balks at the disruption, making it a painful and unpleasant ordeal. The Spirit, on the other hand, is flexible and adaptable, placing service to humanity over selfish interests at all times. Although your ego may be temporarily inconvenienced by the disruption, the effort you make to accommodate others will bring about a deeper sense of peace than this petty part of you can ever create. So take it easy on your ego — and make it delightful for your Spirit — and expect disruptions.

Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday


It’s time to open your heart and arms and touch others with your Spirit. Your ego is putting up a defensive shield, having you believe that there are enemy forces out there from which you must be protected and withdraw. Your Spirit, however, knows that there’s no ‘them’ to defend against — there are just ‘us’ beautiful souls needing to be loved…and right now, needing your love.

Examine your body posture. Are your arms folded tightly against your chest? Do you turn your body and eyes from those around you? Are you holding yourself away from others, afraid to connect and be part of their lives? Are you not allowing others to become a part of yours?

Your Spirit wants you to connect with others now. Unfold your arms, turn toward those around you, and reach out. Your love and healing forces are needed. Trust yourself to make a difference, and connect.


This coming week is all about connecting to others. In the beginning of the week we start by reaching out to our Soul Family members. These are people we are closest to who we have spent many lives with, you know these people on a soul level and feel deeply connected to them because of this. However, the energy of the last few months, perhaps even the entire summer, has been one of breaking away and spending time alone for many. Now it’s time to reconnect as we get ready to huddle in and hibernate for the winter. The holidays are coming up and this is the perfect time to reconnect those friendships. Your energy is practically screaming for connections this week and you all need this. As we get to the middle of the week our Guardian Angels show us that we will be moving even further into putting others first in our lives. We are breaking free of that cycle of ‘it’s all about me’. Ego will try to make you resist but its important that we reconnect and consider others feelings. We are being pushed to help others even if doing so puts us in precarious or awkward positions of needing to re-organize our own schedules and priorities. As we break into the weekend we are encouraged even more to reach out to others, to network and open our hearts and souls to those around us that we may have closed out. These could be strangers or people that have been in your life that you have kept at a distance. More than ever our souls are asking us to reconnect and bring people into our lives again. We are safe to do this and I feel for many of you that this will bring in great blessings and new opportunities.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s reading! Have a beautiful week!

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Love and Light Always

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