Your Fairies have messages for you this week!

Please do set your intention for the reading and then choose the card(s) you are most drawn to for that answer. The first card you feel pulled to is usually the right one for you. Don't second guess yourself, allow your Higher Self to speak through you and your intuition.

Please do leave your choices in a comment below!

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The cards will be revealed later this week on Friday so please do check back! I will also post on Facebook when the post has been updated.

Fairy Card #1

Fairy Card #3

Fairy Card #2

Fairy Card #4

Happy Friday! I have included your Fairy Messages for the week below!

Fairy Message #1


The Perfect Home Nurtures our Body, Mind & Spirit

The Home Fairy has come to bless your home.

This Fairy helps you to heal all issues having to do with your home. She helps you to become more peaceful in your current home or manifest a new home is need be. If you are planning to move or are looking for roommates this Fairy is here to assist you. The Home Fairy reminds you how important your home is. The perfect home nurtures your body, mind, and spirit. It is also a happy place for our family and friends. Is there a way that you can make your home feel more balanced? Can you get more house plants, rearrange furniture, hang pictures, or use beautiful colors? Listen for guidance from the Home Fairy.

Meditate on how you can make your home more happy, inviting, and comfortable. The Home Fairy is visiting you now and blessing your home. Take a moment to send love to your home. She is using her magic to help you with all aspects of your home. She is instilling your home with loving energy and all who enter will feel blessed. If you are worried about your home in any way rest assured that the Home Fairy is helping you.

Fairy Message #2


Pink Roses

Open your Heart to New Experiences

The Gateway Fairy heralds a time to walk through doors and embrace new opportunities. This may entail the beginning of a creative project, a change in job, or a move. New things are on the horizon. Your heaven on earth is manifesting. All you have to do is walk through the gateways that appear for you. You are growing wings that will carry you forward with a heart full of joy. A whole new world is unfolding. The Gateway Fairy assures you that it is time for you to say yes and take the next step.

You have all the skills. You have wished for these opportunities and now they are here. The Gateway Fairy is helping you to believe in yourself and your infinite potential.

Fairy Message #3


Hydrangea, Morning Glory & Butterfly

Your Self Expression is a Tool for Healing the World

The Expression Fairy has come to encourage you to freely express yourself. It is time to rise above self consciousness and criticism. Value your ideas and wisdom. Have you been told to stay quiet or that your words were not important? The Expression Fairy encourages you to value your voice. She helps you to speak with love, clarity, and confidence. You have the inspiring words. The Expression Fairy can help you with presentations, speeches, and any sort of self expression. You have a magical spirit that is ready to express itself. Your self-expression is a divine tool for healing the world.

Fairy Message #4



You are Attracting Kindred Friends

The Friendship Fairy is with you now. This fairy is helping you to attract more friends that are kindred. True friendship is divinely ordained. Open your heart to your true friends now. Forgive past hurts having to do with friends. There are different types of friends. Some friendships come and go. Some friendships last a lifetime. Celebrate the true friends in your life. Stop trying so hard to be friends with people who don't feel good to you.

The Friendship Fairy is giving you a friendship blessing. Your true friends are seeking you out also. Don't forget that you can also be friends with rocks, crystals, animals, plants, and fairies as well. There is always an abundance of friends if you look with your heart.

Please do comment below and let me know how your card choices went in relation to your life. You may share as much or as little as you wish. Have a great weekend!

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09/27/2016 11:28am

2 and 3 please :)
Thankyou fairies
and thankyou Denell

09/27/2016 12:10pm

4th card please! Thank you!

09/28/2016 7:48am

#1 please 🤗 Thank you

09/28/2016 7:24am

card 2 please


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