The Tarkine

Growth is good but I acknowledge that it can sometimes be painful. I accept my own wild soul. I can be alone and connected.

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This full moon we are connected with the sacred space of the Tarkine located in Tasmania, Australia as it grounds us with its energies of the Earth and Water.

To walk or swim is to be immersed in old earth energy, full of fertility and power. You certainly feel that hermit-like isolation of a pristine environment yet totally connected at the same time. The energy here isn't 'warm and fuzzy' -- it's alive, independent and will reward you if you take the time to look more closely. This is the road less traveled - (there is no road) and it will reward your attention.

Be adventurous and do a multi-day walk if you can. There are guides available if you are not confident on your own. The Tarkine is best discovered on foot with some time on your hands. You need to take everything in with you, although fresh water is available normally in rivers and streams. You can walk the coastline or go deep into the forest -- it's a big place. This is a fragile ecosystem, so leave nothing behind. 

This full moon asks us to go deep within ourselves and collect the pieces that are no longer working. Prepare to allow them to be transmuted by your angels. There are big phases and shifts coming for many of you in the coming months and this Full Moon is all about bringing these things to the surface and allowing them to leave you. Peel back the layers that have been protecting you for so long and open your heart chakra to this healing. This is a time of great emotional imbalance and healing, let it all out -- this is a vital part of the process. Spend time in prayer, meditation and solace. Cleanse and detoxify yourself in a luxurious salt bath this evening as the moon peaks its energy at 10:24pm PST.

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