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Oracle Message #1


It's time to listen to the oracle within; listen with your intuition and set your empathy and hypersensitivity free.


Intuition is the faculty that allows you to enter into a dialogue with Source, the Consciousness that you are a part of but cannot see with the naked eye. It's perplexing that people are taught to ignore this natural capacity to navigate their journeys, to access their inner guidance. Know that you have an ability to read between the lines and find all the truth that was missing when the story was told. This deep knowing allows you to open the door to wisdom far greater than what is available in the limitations of human experience. You're given information that may make no sense whatsoever to the logical mind or five senses but which is 100 percent correct and true. The trick is to listen and then to act accordingly. You're now invited into this sacred dialogue of deep knowing, so tune in and trust your vibes -- they will be right. Ask and you will receive answers from unusual sources.


There are occassions when you just know, deep in your heart and soul, that a person is going to play a meaningful role in your life. Someone crosses your path and suddenly, out of the blue, you're connected a a level impossible to describe. That feeling marks a moment in time etched indelibly onto your soul. Someone has entered your life who will be instrumental in your journey, so pay attention. Two hearts are calling to each other to begin an alchemical process. This is also a sign that your intuition about the person you cared about is correct. Trust your heart to lead you now. Magic is about to happen.


This is a time when your hunches will pay large dividends if you listen to them, take the risk, and act. Within you there is an oracular consciousness, a higher and deeper knowing that transcends the machinations of the smaller 'thinking' mind. At the deep level of your intuitive senses, you have an access point to the genius of the collective. The energies of all thinkers and creators, all inventors and leaders, and all that you need in order to leap into success are available to tune in to. This is an act of listening intently. Past the busy mind, your genius awaits.


You are in empathy overload and need to get grounded again, so tune out for a bit. Hypersensitive, you're suffering from psychic exhaustion. This signals a time for a recharging of your batteries. Set energetic boundaries, take a salt bath, empty your mind, and get back to you. It's not a time to be too open. Soon enough, you can let your guard down. Right now you need self-care and self-love. It's time to say 'no, thank you' to anyone in your life who exhausts you. Won't that feel good?

Oracle Message #2


Consider your teachability, openness and your ability to become more adaptable without compromising what's most important.

A tree's roots are solidly planted in the ground, yet it's branches can bend in a hurricane...whereas a rigid structure, like a building, would come crashing down. Consider how the tree remains supple and secure when everything around it may be in shambles. This is how you need to be now: willing to learn new things, teachable, malleable, yet firmly grounded in who you are. Common sense is important, but so is an open mind. Stay curious; stay open. Stay aware. At this time, others will be more flexible with you, too.


In every relationship, it's important to be open to new experiences and learning new things. Letting go of rigidity is what's required right now. You don't always have to be right all the time, do you? It's okay to come to a happy compromise -- you can still get your needs met. It's a beautiful day when you meet halfway! The appearance of this card in a reading could also signal that you have met someone new who may not be your 'type' but who will turn out to be so special that you can easily release your old ideas about what sort of partner is right for you. Be flexible -- you'll be happy you made that choice.


Even when you have a clear vision of how you're going to manifest something -- what it will look like, who will share in it, and what will then be available to you -- you still need to relax and open up to other possibilities. Spirit may have much better plans for you. It could be a job you hadn't thought of, a new source of money, or some other opportunity that eluded your imagination. Be flexible and remind yourself: This, or something better, manifests for me now. Then be willing to bend a little. Enjoy the miraculous results.


When you or someone else becomes too rigid, you lose the access to growth and untapped potential, and find yourself in an 'us versus them' scenario. Loosen up, open your mind and heart, and see if a more flexible approach feels better. Rigidity will set you up for a fight where there are only losers and no winners. Could you find a way to bring about a result that is mutually beneficial? Meet in the middle. Spirit makes a great mediator.

Oracle Message #3


Take a leap of faith, find your courage and overcome your fear with faith and accept the risks as necessary collateral.

Facing the unknown is the only choice you really have right now if you want to progress. It's okay to be afraid. Now is the time to take a risk that is not calculated -- to feel the exhilaration as you ready yourself for a leap of faith. Spirit is present, so let go of fear. You are called to express your true self. Listen to your heart and soul, not your head. Come to the edge and discover that you can fly. You must step into the unfamiliar so that you may find your miracles.


It's scary to be truly intimate with someone, to allow him or her to see all of you, especially the parts that you've kept hidden and protected. Now is the time to take that risk and let yourself be seen -- truly seen. It's important that you speak up, voice what you need, state who you are, say what you hope for. This is not the time to play it safe but to take a leap of faith. You will be glad you did. If you're seeking a relationship, the same applies Take one step toward the Gods and they will deliver what you truly desire.


If ever there was a time for you to take a leap of faith into the unknown, it's now. This is the perfect moment to take a big risk. The unknown is the only choice now, and if you come to the edge, you will discover treasure beyond your wildest dreams. Allow your courage to lead you in spite of your fears. You don't need to know the exact form of what you're going for. The essence is much more powerful, and Spirit has a way of delivering an even better version of prosperity than you could imagine. Take that step. The results will be amazing.


Fear is leading the way into places you don't need to go. Most of what you fear at the moment is an illusion stemming from an old belief that isn't even true. Now is a time for courage. You will not be lost at sea; you will not watch everyone else get what you want while you are left alone and unloved -- oh, the drama of it all! False evidence appearing real is hovering over you. The more you dwell on fear, the more real it will become. Ask yourself, who in me is afraid? Love that part of you. Ask, Is this true and real right now? The answer, most likely, is no. Give yourself a hug. It's okay to be scared. Courage must be summoned. In spite of your fear, even when you're not feeling confident, Spirit will always catch you.

Oracle Message #4


This is a time of rest, rejuvenation and renewal for you; your life is temporarily halted with non-action; allow your dreams to arise to the surface.

This is a time to step away and rest. Let the cares of your world go. Go into a state of non-action, and allow yourself to be free of the shackles of your goals, your lists, your desires. Nothing is as important as rest, detachment, and neutrality. The overly busy mind can block you from inner wisdom if you don't step back, take a seat, and rest. Be willing to let dreams surface and ideas flow through you, absent any force or conscious direction, as you observe without engagement now.


When it comes to matters of the heart, don't make any plans right now. If you're not partnered, it's good to take this time out to get to know yourself. If you're involved with someone, relax and just be with your partner. This is going to be an uneventful moment in time. Don't force anything now. Allow things to flow naturally, and a beautiful renewal will take place all by itself. Patience is the key to your heart's desire right now. Withdraw from action in your relationship, and give it a rest so that your love and connection can become rejuvenated.


This is a great time to take a break from your busy schedule and allow yourself the opportunity to step back. Your plans are meant to be put on ice. Your goals can wait. Dream, imagine, and let go of attachments to any outcome now. Meditate, and take a holiday if you can. Things will speed up soon enough. After a break, you may want to make some changes. Epiphanies have an amazing way of arising when you take your focus off your to-do list and allow yourself to rest.


You are a human being, not a human doing. Is it possible you're suffering from workaholism? Could you be the one who thinks it's your job to save everyone; to be there for everyone? and to go, go, go until you can barely see straight? You've gone as far as you can. You've worked hard and nourished people and projects, but now you are an empty well and have no reserves for others or for yourself. Don't let your ego keep you going full speed when your body and spirit need rest. Exhaustion is calling you to stop what you're doing altogether and take a break. If you don't, the appearance of this card could portend a possible illness that stems from being totally overwhelmed. You will feel like a new person if you take that break. Do it now.

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Lindsay walker
04/20/2016 7:30pm

I have oh so many questions about the leap of faith I should be taking because I don't know where to begin

04/21/2016 9:47am

Hey Lindsay,
I would be happy to do a reading for you if you feel the need. Email me if you need help deciding which reading you need. Many Blessings


Angel message- basically this content, is related and link with angel’s message where we discuss about spiritual happiness and love. When, somebody talk with us, when somebody touches us. We feel happy by the inner-core of our part means, heart.


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