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Message #1
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Before reading about your card(s) please take a moment to study the revealed cards here. Is there another card or message you feel pulled to?

There can be multiple messages here for you today so allow your intuition to guide you!

Oracle Message #1


Your life is enhanced by yoga, stretching, and exercising.

 To get the clear answers and guidance you seek, turn to yoga. You drew this card because this peaceful activity increases your confidence and intuition, two factors that help you with your life purpose. You’re encouraged to enroll in a yoga class and attend frequently, as in-person sessions offer you motivation, instruction, and camaraderie. For a few people, this card will signify that your actual life purpose is a career involving yoga. For example, you may be guided to teach this discipline for a specialized group such as children, pregnant women, or the elderly. Perhaps your life purpose is to open a yoga studio or design yoga-inspired clothing. Regardless of whether yoga is central or peripheral to your purpose, you’re clearly guided to practice this life-affirming form of exercise and stretching. Ask your angels to guide you to the teacher who will best enhance and support your practice. The angels will give you signs and intuitive feelings to point you in the direction of your life purpose.

Oracle Message #2


Your life purpose involves your skills of oration.

This card indicates that your dream of being a professional speaker is more than a dream. You have much to share with others, and the best way to reach your audience is on the speaker's platform. While it's normal to feel intimidated by the process of presenting your ideas in public, the angels see that your life purpose will help you overcome these fears. In fact, you'll learn to enjoy being a public speaker, according to this card. You may have also received this card because your soul's profession involves some other aspect of teaching or entertainment. For example, you may be destined for acting, dancing, singing, or playing a musical instrument. This card indicates that your purpose involves a public arena, and that you're well suited to bring blessings to a wide audience.

Oracle Message #3


You understand animals and communicate with them intuitively. Trust your inner guidance, as the animals are part of your life’s work.

You drew this card because your life purpose involves working with animals. You love them, and they love you. You understand and appreciate their kind and gentle hearts, and you frequently stand up for their rights. In fact, you can feel and hear communications from living creatures. This card is a validation for you to trust these intuitive insights and your inner guidance about ways to connect with the animal kingdom. Any career that you get involved in will benefit from your adding animals into the mix. For instance, having a pet on-site at your store or office will open everyone’s hearts and bring joy to all. You may find yourself doing volunteer or charity work on behalf of animals, including rescuing them at shelters or bringing awareness to their rights. With your keen animal communication abilities, you may also enjoy one-on-one-work as a caregiver. The list of careers in this field is vast, so be sure to spend time outdoors in nature, and give considerable thought to your options.

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06/20/2016 7:04am

We can read this post that purpose for life is very important and helpful to live well. So we should fix a mission and vision of life to have a successful and bright future.


I have always believed in angels. They take the form of humans guiding us. Sometimes they are something we randomly read from a sign, a book or a song we hear. They warn us from danger. They comfort us in time of despair. Yes, if we don't listen to them or if our hearts are always angry, they sometimes leave. But they will be back.

09/06/2016 8:42am

thanks for sharing


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