Your Angels have messages for you this week!

Set your intention for the reading and then choose the card(s) you are most drawn to for that answer. The first card you feel pulled to is usually the right one for you. Don't second guess yourself, allow your angels to speak through you and your intuition.

Scroll down to receive your message(s).

Before reading about your card please take a moment to study the revealed cards here. Is there another card or message you feel pulled to?
There can be multiple messages here for you today so allow your intuition to guide you!

Oracle Message #1


Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for helping me appreciate everything that makes me happy right now.

This card serves as a reminder that it's possible to experience joy no matter what's happening in life. Too often, we put conditions on our happiness, saying, "I'll be happy when [fill in the blank]." However, maintaining a lighthearted, cheerful mindset can be a potent health prescription for increased vitality and strength. Archangel Raphael can help you find something to feel joyful about by focusing upon the things you're grateful for. As you allow yourself to be happy today, you attract more circumstances that will enhance your sense of well-being even more. It's a healthy cycle, beginning with your present happiness.

Oracle Message #2


Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for motivating me and guiding me to an exercise program that fits my schedule, interests, ad budget.

In addition to drawing this card, you’ve likely been receiving an intuitive message to exercise more or to add alternate forms of exercise to your current routine. Let this card be a validation that being active is a key component in your health and healing (or for the person you’re inquiring about). Even if a consistent workout routine seems unfeasible because of schedules, health, finances, or other apparent blocks, Archangel Raphael can help find a practical and enjoyable exercise avenue. He’s also a great motivator for those who procrastinate or avoid physical activity.

Oracle Message #3

Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for supporting my desire to consume and use organic products.

You must be very sensitive to chemicals in order to receive this card. Archangel Raphael is recommending that you consume organic foods to eliminate and reduce harmful pesticides from your body. Most likely, you've been getting feelings or thoughts in this direction already, and this card is additional validation that you're hearing your Divine guidance accurately. Although these all-natural products may cost more, they're actually economical investments in your long-term health. Studies show that organic produce contains more vitamins and minerals. From a spiritual standpoint, organic produce is generally raised with loving energy on small and local farms. The increased energy that comes from eating a chemical free diet is a valuable benefit that pays dividends in many ways.

Oracle Message #4


Dear God and Archangel Raphael, I am willing to release any fears to you. Please allow me to completely let go so that you can fully guide me in this situation.

Needless stress is exacerbating this health concern, and the angels would like to help. Archangel Raphael is ready to receive and transmute any health-related fears. There are many ways to release fears to the angels, including writing a letter; speaking to the angels aloud; explaining your feelings to Raphael in your mind; and inhaling deeply, then exhaling your worries to God and the angels.

Oracle Message #5


Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for cleaning up my body, mind, and life so that I may happily and healthfully live free of chemicals.

You drew this card because your body is highly sensitive to chemicals. Archangel Raphael is recommending a detoxification which he will oversee and help you with.

This could mean changing to an organic and natural diet that's deoid of perservatves, sugar, and other chemicals. This card may also represent an avoidance of 'recreational' substances such as alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar, or nicotine. In some cases, the angels could be steering you away from environmental irritants at your home or workplace. The first chemical or substance that comes to mind is an indication of your detoxification guidance.

It's time to take detoxifying sea salt baths and while doing so ask the angels to clear away negative energies. Toxic Relationships or situations are ready to be let go of and transmuted by your Angels. Detoxifying your thoughts by becoming more positive and optimistic. Go Green and detoxify your home of chemicals and try to find natural supplements for medications if possible.

Oracle Message #6


Dear Archangel Raphael, please help me know that I deserve to receive massages and other self-care treatments.

The health benefits of massage are well documented, and this card is a signal that you need to schedule one right away. In addition to flushing out toxins, its relaxation benefits are highly curative. Think of a massage as an investment in your good health and well-being.

While you're receiving one, invite Archangel Raphael to work with your massage therapist. Ask Raphael to lift toxic energy from within and around you, and don't be surprised if you (or your massage therapist) see sparkling emerald green light, which is the radiant calling card of Raphael's presence.

Giving and receiving massages with a partner or friend are very beneficial to your health at this time and is also a good healing practice for you to enjoy -- both giving and receiving. Treating yourself to a pedicure and/or foot massage as a way of boosting your mood and self esteem.

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