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Oracle Card Message #1


Stability | Harmony | Peace | Fluidity

When your own cup is full and balanced, you will naturally have more to give and share with others.

Rays of the morning sun meet the mists of a new moon as a spectrum of full, balanced color pours into a golden chalice. Water rises steadily, radiating a soft glow from all sides Soon it will naturally overflow, feeding life within the wide-open field around it. There is calm and peace here, and this cup pulses with pure potential -- the essence of a life fully lived within the chalice of Emotional Balance.

Our emotions are the creative engine of our experience. They are like the fiery steed that pulls the chariot of our life. If we want to know what we are creating or why things are showing up in our life the way they are, we must look first to the thoughts and feelings we generate on a daily basis.

There is an ancient saying that says, 'Energy flows where are attention goes' Where we turn our focus, emotions build and experience follows. It is time to consider this wisdom in the emotional balancing of your life.

Taking time to 'fill our cup' on the inside creates a powerful, balanced foundation for all of our actions in the world. Likewise, when we bring our attention to creating order, peace and balance in our external lives, this also facilitates harmony within. From this stable and balanced place we find ourselves more equipped to respond to life's experiences and the emotions arising from them.

See your emotions as a natural river, cleansing, filling and flowing onward from your cup of life. Acknowledge and express your feelings. Don't let your feelings overwhelm you, but don't ignore them either. Don't allow them to build up inside to the point of bursting. Give yourself space to feel, express and integrate the energy of your emotions as they flow through you.

It is time to focus on cultivating emotional balance within. Everything else in life will fall harmoniously into place as a result.

Oracle Card Message #2


Communication | Self-expression | Creativity | Expression of Will |

Divine Guidance | Inner Voice | Speaking One's Truth

White rings of harmonic sound ripple through the etheric space of deep blue from the centre of Vishuddha, our Throat Chakra. Sixteen lotus petals - one for each of the sixteen Sanskrit vowels - come together to house a white inverted triangle. Within it rests a perfect circle. Full, clear and luminously white, it is the full moon shining out through the night sky and beyond. Like Vishuddha, it shines through darkness lighting the pathway of integrity. From the shadows we emerge with clarity and the will to express our individuality. We hear the song of Vishuddha echoing our inner truth.

As we move our way up from the Base and the Sacral Chakras, through our Solar Plexus and our Heart, we arrive at our Throat Chakra with energy, power, courage and pure creative expression, ready to share. The Throat Chakra is our energetic vortex of sound, vibration and communication.

This card is an invitation to speak up, speak out and to let yourself be heard! It is time for your inner voice to have an outlet. The Throat Chakra encourages us to communicate and express ourselves with honesty and integrity. It asks us to get in touch with our will and to bring energy and power to it through its expression.

It is time to engage in open communication. Allow conversations with others to flow with ease. When it is your time to listen, listen without agenda or judgment of another. When it is your time to speak, do so with patience and calm clarity. Value your words and know they are worthy of being listened to and heard.

This card is encouragement for the celebration and expression of your creativity. Allow the natural expression of creativity to flow through you in any way it wants to manifest. Sing, paint, write, move, dance - just let your creative juices flow!

When your Throat Chakra is open and balanced, you will feel the power of your expression in every cell of your body. You will have a natural inclination to express yourself to the world. Whether you channel this into physical form or simply just laugh, cry or speak, let this manifest in full. No more holding in your expression! Let it out, and your true creative essence will flourish.


I clearly and freely speak my truth today.

I am comfortable to express my feelings.

I am worthy of being listened to.

I love and honor the expression of my true voice.

I speak to be heard.

Oracle Card Message #3


Understanding | Awakening | Awareness | Self-Evaluation

Recognize the higher truth beyond apparent limits. Honor the path you have walked so far and all you have become. Know thyself.

Cradled at the base of a circular window, with her back to the wide expanse of stars beyond, a woman sits in silent mediation. Grounded by her breath and the ancient stone beneath her, she is a clear channel of quiet knowing. With her inner eye focused and heart brightly opened, she basks in the vision of her own truth. Rays of Universal light sine on through. Insight.

This card is about self-evaluation and self-understanding. In our modern world, there is so much sharing of information through such a wide variety of mediums (internet, phone, TV, radio, word of mouth, etc.)that we can quickly fall into the habit of looking outside of ourselves for the answers that we seek. We value others' opinions beyond our own, to know what to eat, how to act, how to dream, where to live and who to love.

Taking time to truly know ourselves expands our awareness. It makes it easier to grow from our experiences. Not only does it give us strength of character but it allows us a greater understanding of other people and our surroundings - allowing us to see beyond surface circumstances into the deeper currents within. This is insight.

It is time to cultivate insight by honestly examining who you are - your past journey and who you have now become. It is also time to claim your Divine capacity (and responsibility) to see beyond the current 'you' and to recognize your unique truth and potential.

With a clear lens of non-judgment, consider your experiences, your relationships and the lifestyle you lead. Reflect upon the experiences that have most strongly influenced your path. What traits and habits have you developed, inherited and absorbed along the way? What masks have your learned to wear to be 'safe in the world? Are you living in alignment with the person you truly came here to be?

Some aspects, you will love about yourself and these may be your strengths. If there are some you are not proud of, then this is the first step to deciding how you may like to change certain aspects about how you are living. Insight allows you to choose to change or shift your path, in a positive and fulfilling direction.

Through the lens of insight we are able to make better choices in our life and to create a future we desire. We are able to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Insight allows empathy, understanding and compassion for other people which can only benefit any relationships we choose to engage in.

Insight raises your consciousness, adding a spark to the ever unfolding light of universal consciousness.

Oracle Card Message #4


Belongings | Finances | Assets | Treasures

Enjoy the pleasure of a balanced material life. Cultivate, honor, organize and share!

It's sunset on the edge of a meadow. A forest child sits in quiet reverence. Her antlers carry an interwoven collection of spherical light and dangling symbols. Cherished memories of moments fully lived. A key..a doorway...a message from the moon. Each possession, a simple symbol of some greater truth that she now carries within. In her hands she cradles a sacred glowing sphere, the embodiment of balanced, Earthly abundance and the feminine power to receive. She carries it as both a gift to herself, and an offering to others, for in this moment, she has all that she needs.

It is said that we are spiritual beings living in a physical world. Part of living in this world is coming into right relations with the material realm, while recognizing the Source of all creation. While we know that money and possessions alone cannot sustain our happiness, we also know that consistent denial of material needs can bring great stress into our lives.

This card is a call for you to cultivate a balanced relationship with the material plane. Organize your finances, take stock of your possessions. Gain an awareness of the balance of money and other physical energy coming into your life on a daily basis...and that which is going out. Are the scales of your material world balanced or are they heavily weighted to one side? Perhaps you spend carelessly or have a tendency to gather, hoard and collect that which you do not really need. Or maybe you are denying yourself from claiming or receiving some of the material comforts that truly nurture and support your wellbeing.

It is time to evaluate your possessions. To honor what is precious to you and that which matters most, and to let go of any unnecessary attachment or hold that certain items may have on you. Consider what items genuinely add value to your life, and which ones are just filling space or creating clutter - perhaps blocking what you truly desire from coming in.

Now may be the time for a good spring clean, clearing a space in your life for the inflow of life's true treasures. It is not about giving away all of your possessions as they are an expression of who you are. Rather, it is about letting go of the dependency, the strong need to 'have' them to feel good, or to define who you are. Give thanks for the cherished possessions that you currently have, and if you have need for others, welcome them in, giving deep thanks for their forthcoming arrival into your life. Know that you are worthy of a prosperous, balanced life.

We are temporary visitors to this earthly plane so let go of unnecessary greed for wealth and accumulation of possessions. Instead, celebrate this call to enjoy the temporary pleasures of a balanced material life. Cultivate, honor and share what you have with others.



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