I have had many clients ask me, 'how do I parent lovingly and assertively but also effectively?' The generations before this one were very authoritative, disciplinary and stern whereas with this generation we are being guided to stop and listen, have patience, talk to them, love them as we guide them. This is such an important question with many different facets  because we are raising the next generation, the generation who will take care of us when we are unable to take care of ourselves, who will pay our Social Security and more, so whether we realize it or not, we are all parents; some of you are an aunt or an uncle, a close friend with families of children, an older cousin, maybe even an older brother or sister. We all have opportunities to parent which begs the question: how do I interact with children in a loving, assertive and effective way?

The first rule of thumb is to remember that children are NOT mini adults, they are children and as such they have shorter attention spans, their mind works at least ten times faster than an adults mind will and they have to be taught how to put their energy to constructive use.

If your child is under six years old they also have a natural connection to Spirit and they will find it easy to connect with the spirit world and may even have past life memories during these years.

One of the most important things you can do with your child each day is meditate with them. You can meditate with a child of any age but by the time they are three, they are old enough to start meditating on their own with you and it's not even something you will have to try and force them to do.

This is something else we need to understand about the new generation, force is not necessary, they learn by example and children under seven years old want to imitate anything they see you doing. You can meditate while you are pregnant and it will benefit the baby and then once the child is born, placing them on your lap while you are meditating allows the energy to run through them as well.

Set some time aside each day to spend with your child and teach them to meditate with you. A good rule of thumb is one to two minutes per age of your child depending on their personality. So a three year old should be able to meditate anywhere from three to six minutes at a time. A four year old should be able to meditate for anywhere from four minutes to eight minutes at a time and so forth.

The best way to teach meditation to children is to have them sit on the floor -- they can cross their legs Native American style if it is comfortable for them or they may sit with their legs extended. Have put their palms up on their legs in a comfortable position and this will allow the energy better access to their small bodies and will also allow you to see when they begin to get antsy and wiggly. Alternately, you may also choose to have them put their palms up and you may put your palms over theirs so you are both holding hands while you both meditate together, sharing energy with each other while receiving from Spirit.

Setting a timer on your phone with soft classical music to alert you is a pleasant way to alert you when the time is up. If you do use a phone please ensure you use an app to turn off all sounds from your phone while you enter this sacred space with your child. A regular kitchen timer is not advised as the sudden noise may jolt them out of their meditative state with jerks or pull them out too quickly for their energy to process.

Next have your child close their eyes with the intention of entering quiet stillness. Teach them to breathe deeply and allow their body to relax. Often they will imitate your breathing but in shorter spans. Waves of darkness with flashes of light are commonly seen by children as are stars, cosmic scenes, shooting stars, the moon and planets.

Many children will even see their Guardian Angel, Spirit Team members, a crossed over loved one or an Archangel during meditation. If they do, remind them this is a special gift from Spirit, a gift for just them and let them know they may ask their angel for a special message and one will be given to them.

After you both come out of the meditative state allow a few minutes for you both to sit together and allow your energy to assimilate back onto the physical plane -- even if the intention is to meditate, most children will visit the spiritual realm in one shape or another and will need to be grounded.

Have yourself and your child stand up and then close their eyes one more time and to see a bright white light ascending from the stars down into mother earth and ask them to step into this light. They may do so in their mind or they may physically step towards a light. As they step into the light this white light fills their entire body and energy fields and will re-center and ground them to the physical plane.

After they are finished and re-open their eyes have them either draw a picture about their meditation or write a story about it. If the child is very young, unable to write but speaks well, you may have them tell you about their experience and have you write it down and then they may illustrate a picture about it.

This is very powerful and strong for the spirit of both the child and the adult but also for the bond between the two spirits. It also instills into the child the foundation for a spiritual routine each day and it will become a part of who they are and what they do each day.

The benefits of meditating for children are numerous, and far too many to list here but with a consistent and stable routine of daily meditation you will begin to see your child to be able to focus more on his/her activities or schoolwork, it may even calm down hyperactivity if your child displays this sort of behavior. They will seem more at peace, more secure and sure of their environment. For older children you may see them begin to stand up for themselves and be much more vocal than they were before due to an increase of self-confidence and self-esteem. You may even see increased health benefits, such as less sickness and illnesses, colds, the flu or any other childhood affliction they may have been dealing with.

As the child grows in their meditative skills you may challenge that growth by incorporating other things into the meditation such as music, crystals, oracle cards, singing bowls, guided meditations, etc... The possibilities are endless and they will find it fun to experiment. Allow their creativity to shine and give them options when they are old enough to have them.

Every child reacts differently because of what they are here to work on but the benefits of a daily routine with your child number in the millions with positive side effects for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life as well as the energy bonds that will continue to grow between their spirit and yours.

Are there Spiritual Parenting topics you would like to hear about in my blog? All are welcome to leave suggestions below for me about future articles.
Blessed Be

*While all of the information in this article is channeled and written creatively in a way for others to understand by myself, I do not hold rights to all of the pictures as mine and claim no rights to them. They are used for demonstration purposes only.


I think is important we use the stop and listen approach to parenting, after all as you just said were training parents too. The baby on the mothers lap is a very cute picture, It shows so much love. Guiding you child into the spiritual nurturing. It is so nice to see the children meditating.


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