Most people ask me, what is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is simply the manner of an attuned human manipulating the energy with the environment, and more specifically, within the human body for the enhancement of an individual's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

There are many different types of energy healing but they all practice similar practices as described above. Some are scared of what they do not understand but it is important to know that Energy Healing can NEVER harm, only help! Some popular styles of energy healing include Reiki and Pranic.

As I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner my understanding of Reiki is the most familiar. Reiki is a centuries old energy healing where the practitioner is attuned to the energy and is then able to heal self, others and then teach it as well and attune others.

Energy Healing is a wonderful modality for working on healing physical ailments, mental issues, emotional baggage weighing you down as well as any major issues in your life. All physical, mental and emotional issues root back to spiritual issues which have been avoided or ignored. When spiritual issues are not resolved in a timely manner then they begin to manifest as emotional or mental issues and eventually can cause some major health issues including Cancer, organ failure as well as less severe issues.

The Energy Healer Practitioner can assist you to help resolve these issues by working on your seven major chakras which relate to different aspects and areas of your life. They can tune in intuitively and let you know which chakras need work, how many need to be cleared and balanced and most will give you intuitive messages that come through from your guides and angels.

Is your body running efficiently spiritually? If it's been awhile since your chakras have been aligned, cleared and balanced it might be time to have this done again!



04/21/2016 3:55am

Thanks, I learnt a few information with the link between spiritual world and the physical world. The page is very useful. Is it possible to help out with chakras clearing from to country to Africa?

06/01/2016 9:51pm

Some people know very well how to use our energy for different purposes as we can see in this post. He told us very well about it i know mostly people will not understand easily what he want to say.


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