Recently I was asked, "how do we co-create successfully? I know we do it everyday but I want to do it as well."

The answer is, change the way you are thinking about your life. In the statement above you don't believe you are being successful at manifesting and creating the life you truly desire. Until you truly believe and begin to put the positive energy needed into that simple belief things are probably not going to change as much as you would like them to.

The power of the mind is an incredible intellect. If our beliefs do not match our vibration it pulls us out of spiritual alignment and into ego-based or mortal alignment. It's very important to focus your thoughts and beliefs on what you DO want rather than what you would rather avoid.

The Fairies are master manifestors as well and they are more than happy to assist you with any requests you may have. If you are able to communicate with them then you may ask them for a divine assignment for an energy exchange between themselves and you and they will happily do so. If not, then you may do anything you feel guided to assist mother earth and the environment in exchange for their assistance. Some examples could be, cleaning up litter along a street, helping to clean up trash in a park, switch out harmful chemicals in your home for environmentally friendly ones, pro-activity in an environment cause of your choice and many more!

After you have completed your task you may talk to the fairies and ask them for their assistance with your current manifestation(s). This is best done outdoors, especially, in an area that is a naturally grown environment  that is not sprayed by your local area. To aide in your manifestations you can also bring fresh flowers and potted plants into your home and invite the fairies to inhabit them and assist you and they will happily do so! A plant near your bed is especially powerful as they will help you with your manifestations whilst you sleep.

Positive Affirmations are perhaps the most powerful technique for manifesting the life you truly desire.

Start by choosing 10 affirmations to say daily or up to three times daily. The number three is very vibrationally powerful so saying each affirmations three times at three different times a day is very powerful -- one of the best suggestions I have is to post these in your bathroom near the toilet and every time you go in to use it, say your affirmations. If you are unsure of which affirmations to say I would suggest Louise Hay's book '21 Days to Master Affirmations' in which she offers many affirmations on a variety of subjects.

Meditation is another fantastic way to invoke manifestations into your life because it forces you to learn to control your mind and thought processes and involves self-discipline.

You can do self-meditation where you sit in a quiet area and clear your mind and just sit in silence and allow the information to flow from the spirit world or even just the silence. This will relax your mind and body and allow you to release anxieties, stress and any other blockages which may exist within your core belief system in your manifesting.

You could also do a guided meditation on a variety of topics -- it doesn't matter the topic, it matters that you start changing your core beliefs to align with your spiritual soul once again. Sitting in silence and letting go of everything that has occurred throughout the day is not only very beneficial in manifesting but has also been linked to resolving very major medical conditions to repairing relationships and other attributes of your life which have had ongoing issues.

Another very powerful form of Meditation is Summer McStravick's Flowdreams which are a type of guided meditation but so much more powerful because you are actually visualizing the life you want with incredible energy and focus. I have used these many times and the experience is simply amazing as are the results.

Visualization is probably one of most highly effective techniques of Co-creating that you can master. This is, in effect, simply daydreaming about what it is you want. Putting the energy, the focus and most importantly of all, allowing yourself to believe that whatever it is you are manifesting is already yours! It has already happened. For instance, if you wanted to win the lottery, you could daydream about the day you win, how you would react, would you want your name to be publicly announced, what would you do with the money? Would you help those around you or invest it all in the future? So many possibilities but this kind of energy helps show your spiritual helpers what exactly it is you want, that which you desire and you are in effect, asking them for their assistance and they will start to get the ball rolling. Remember, if you don't ask, and expend the energy into it, then perhaps you don't really want it. Those things that really make you excited -- those are the things you truly want in your life!

Kuan Yin is the powerful Goddess and Ascended Master of Compassion. Her energy is very gentle but strong and she teaches us assertiveness in a positive, kind but strong way.

As promised, here are some Spirit Guided Answers for a few people who asked for spiritual guidance from Kuan Yin this week! For intuitive readings from this powerful Goddess and Ascended Master please click the picture below.

Janice Kozmoski asked, "When will my financial situation improve?"


There are times when divine energy is needed to help us achieve our spiritual goals. When you do not feel completely in control of your destiny, the divine is usually gifting you with an opportunity to reach for assistance and to invoke divine power, to call to the celestial mountain so that you might be gifted with a far superior outcome. Your permission to beings that love you unconditionally to offer you help is an expression of spiritual empowerment, you empower those forces to come to your aid and help you manifest your life purpose and destiny.

You are being asked to empower the divine to help you, to call to the celestial mountain within your own heart, to reach out and allow the divine to assist your current life unfoldment. We live in a free will universe and no matter how much you are loved, in fact, because you are so loved and respected, no being will intervene for you without your permission.

Do not believe that asking for help means that you will grow weak or dependent and not grow spiritually. You are doing this to grow in your own mastery at a soul level, not to hand over your life and not take personal and spiritual responsibility for it anymore! Asking for spiritual assistance helps you grow in trust, wisdom, and understanding of the nature of the Universe and how it operates. Learning to ask for and receive divine assistance helps us learn the art of surrender so that we can merge with greater spiritual forces than our own individual selves. Something wonderful begins to happen. you will discover that your Divine Self is a powerful, living expression of the Source of the Universe. You have within you the power, love and sustenance of the Source of Life itself.

When we call to the celestial mountain we are remembering that we are divine in our own heart. We gain power through this remembrance and we can help others remember too. So the more you choose to spiritually empower the divine to assist you, the stronger and more conscious your relationship with beings of light becomes and the more you begin to realize the similarities that exist between your own divine nature and these being -- in other words, in keeping good spiritual company you begin to realize your true nature.

Make sure that you empower those beings who genuinely love you unconditionally. When asking for help, always say three times, I call on those beings who love me unconditionally, then say, I thank you for your clear guidance and assistance on this matter so that I may grow in my own spiritual mastery with peace, love and joy, of my own free will, so be it!


Stand or sit comfortably with your eyes lightly closed and focus on your breathing. Feel your feet on the floor and intend to have an awareness of the energy between your feet and the earth. Imagine this energy growing into a huge ball of light that extends deep into the earth and sends light up through your body and out through the crown of your head. Imagine this ball of light which now hovers over the crown of your head pouring down light through your body and out through the soles of your feet, forming a column of light in the middle of which you stand or sit.

Say three times, "I call on those beings that love me unconditionally to be with me and help me manifest my spiritual destiny in the highest vibration possible for me in this body, this lifetime. I accept your divine help for my highest good and in unconditional love now, of my own free will as a sovereign being of light."

Feel the energy that this activates as you close your eyes and become more aware of your heart space. Imagine that within your own heart you can perceive a dark green, lush mountain paradise where luminous Kuan Yin sits in repose and radiates bliss. She hears your call and acknowledges you with love and peace and begins to radiate light from her being to you. Receive her light into your heart space, beloved, and know that Divine Assistance is with you now. When you are ready, just open your eyes.


Beloved Kuan Yin, in the Ashram of your Celestial Mountain, hear me, please help me to let go of my difficulties in receiving help, in any feelings of worthlessness or distrust that prevent me from being guided, moved and placed in positions of divine assistance for my greatest good. Help me feel worthy of help and help me receive that help which comes to me in unconditional love now. Thank you! Om Mani Padme Hum.

Crystal Barr asked, "Will I find love again?"


A pure heart and sincere love attracts Divine Grace. With the Grace of Kuan Yin, Butterfly Queen, that which was impossible, becomes possible. From caterpillar to winged creature of delight, you cannot restrain what Divine Grace ordains no matter how incredible it may seem to be. Whatever has been troubling you, or whatever has been inspiring you, allow Grace to infuse the situation or dream, so that it may unfold with divine perfection. Allow the Butterfly Queen to dance, she will bring healing and grace to your life situation now, beloved one, with lightness of step and grace in her heart.

Divine Grace flows through the Butterfly Queen with lightness of touch and with great joy. She bestows blessings of healing, empowerment and liberation. It flows to those in genuine need and who are ready to receive it. There are no limits to what is possible with divine grace. It is the power that the Butterfly Queen Kuan Yin allows to flow through the pure channel of her heart.

Kuan Yin encourages you to be ready to receive her Grace, and choose to let go of striving and instead to turn to your heart, calling out to unconditional divine love and beloved Kuan Yin to dance her grace through your life.

Divine Grace is not suddenly having a valuable lesson taken away from you. It is the intervention of compassionate, unconditionally loving, divine intelligence that helps you to realize you have learned what you can and now it is time for you to be assisted out of the situation, to be lifted up into a new vibrational experience. Turn your mind to the expectations of peaceful resolution and inspirational assistance. Let o of deep feelings of unworthiness that require that you must continue to struggle with limited resources on your own. Surrender false notions that allowing others to assist you is dependency, whether these others are in human form or spiritual form on the inner planes. It is interdependence to allow yourself to be assisted and to assist others. You are not handing over your power, you are allowing empowered divine relationship to make your power grow so that you can rise above and be blessed.

Butterfly Queen urges you now to let the heaviness of the situation go, allow your heart to become light as air, as though her butterfly dance was tickling your heart so lightly now. Her Grace is reaching to you now, beloved.


Allow yourself to find a place in nature or where you can observe something that is beautiful and peaceful, or perhaps sit before your altar at home with some flowers on it or even a picture of a beautiful place that you love. You can even close your eyes and visualize that you are in a beautiful serene place in nature. Allow yourself to notice how every element of that natural setting just 'is.' The water just flows, the trees just grow, the sun just shines, and the rain just falls. There is no effort, there is just flow.

Imagine now that your life with all its various components and people, is like a scene in nature. Imagine the energy just flowing without restraint. Imagine as you let go of the effort and struggle to get things the way you want them, they are suddenly able to flow and change, to grow as they are meant to grow, naturally, according to the divine plan and grace that fills our universe.

Say, "I now gratefully receive the Divine Grace and Unconditional Love of Kuan Yin, Butterfly Queen. Thank you for the blessings of Grace that now dance through me. May this Grace transform my heart, and my life, into an expression of pure love and higher consciousness. I surrender into the sweetness of your grace and the joyful flow of life! Om Mani Padme Hum."


I now choose to surrender struggle and doubt and open to the blessings of Kuan Yin's divine grace, through which all manner of things become possible. Butterfly Queen may I hear in my own heart the divine music of joy and peace to which you dance. Om Mani Padme Hum

Hannah Heibert asked, "Am I moving in the right direction?


Kuan Yin, dances creative energy and light across the sky, causing blossoms to descend. In the same way, when we tap into our spiritual power of creation, we cause our life and all of life around us, to bloom. Creation is a natural spiritual power within you, beloved. Force can slow down the process. It is time to stop striving and to allow your manifestations to occur. Trust, leg go, allow your creation to flow.

Kuan Yin is a being of divine feminine power. She dances with the sky, the heavenly powers of inspiration, and as a result, life blooms around her. Kuan Yin brings you guidance that you are creating something important right now, something that is aligned with heavenly forces and light, that is significant for the path of spiritual awakening on this planet. Whether you are fully conscious of it or not, it IS happening. Your spiritual light is flowing into the physical plane with the intention to manifest certain life situations and circumstances. These manifestations are in accordance with your spiritual path and Kuan Yin will support you in their manifestation with her Sky Dance which calls the divine light of inspiration and support into earthly creation, so that we can experience the divine in form here on earth.

The way of the Sky Dancer Kuan Yin is the Yin Way, or the way of Divine Magnetism. Yin power is the consciousness and 'beingness' that allows us to draw into our lives that which we desire. We become attractive to it -- wealth, wellbeing, peace, passion, purpose, friendship, support, success and so on. Rather than going out and striving for it, as though we do not have it within us already, we can grow in our ability to simply be and become simultaneously, until we experience it physically in our lives. It is only a matter of time until it happens.

To cultivate yin Power to allow creation to manifest in your physical reality, you can focus more on allowing, flowing, surrendering and participating in the greater flow, rather than the usual ways in Western culture of doing, making things happen, forcing, intending and holding. Kuan Yin guides you now to balance doing with being. Beingness is presence, it is appreciation, it is joyful stillness and wonder, it is the realization within that you are a spiritual magnet, and whatever you want to attract you can, simply by cultivating the qualities you seek to experience externally within you. She guides you to Sky Dance with her now, to become receptive to heavenly energies and to allow the manifestations to blossom, life flowers falling from her divine feet.


Perceive yourself in a vast, peaceful, dark space that feels simultaneously full and empty. This space holds you and yet does not confine you in any way. As you imagine this dark space supporting you, like a cosmic cradle, gently say aloud, "I now call upon the Yin Potency of Kuan Yin to help me let go of the need to force, to struggle and to believe that I must make things happen of my own accord, that I must be in control for my creation to manifest! Help me trust the Universe, trust my own Soul, trust in the inherent goodness of life and the responsiveness of the Cosmos and my own value. Please help me, Beloved, that my creation may occur swiftly and gracefully, with beauty and divine perfection."

Imagine that within this darkness, you sense a light weaving gracefully, endless blossoms of light following in its trail. Allow yourself to join with that light, becoming aware that it is the beautiful Sky Dancer Kuan Yin. If you wish, join her in the dance, feeling the heavenly light of creation flowing all around you both now, as a beautiful, open blue sky streaming with sunlight. Feel the joy as blossoms flow from Kuan Yin's aura and swirl around you both in spirals. Be in your heart and where you are ready, just open your eyes.


Beloved Kuan Yin, Sky Dancer, blossoming with creation, I am one with the power of the divine feminine. I am one with peace, with creation that will manifest. I am love, I am surrendering. I am Yin, I am blessed. I let go to receive. I let go to flow. Peace in my heart now fertilizes my creation to grow. Om Mani Padme Hum.

Lydia Young asked, "Will my new exhilarated motivation bring me the strength, healing, abundance and manifestation of the desires I wish to share and fulfill?"


You are a highly creative being with the potential to help raise the vibration of consciousness on this planet through your creative projects, work, dreams and hobbies. The power of collaboration, choosing to work with others in joint projects, allows for synergy to occur where you can grow stronger and become more than the sum of your individual parts, calling in great cosmic assistance and potency! You are guided to remain open to other Souls joining forces with you. Just like the Sisters of the Sun Rising that bring great energy to help humanity through their group endeavors, when you allow for aligned group effort, much that is wonderful can occur.

It is an important part of the spiritual journey to learn who you are and how you work and often solitary work is a helpful way to do this. yet there are times when you are strong enough to work with others without losing yourself or your unique approach to creative endeavours. Collaboration is suggested for you now, to allow you to expand your horizons, to meet more people, share your light and have more fun! Your collaborations may be with spiritual guides or with souls incarnated and coming into your life in the forms of colleagues, friends and helpers now. Trust your instincts and be discerning in what you accept and what you let pass you by -- there will be plenty of opportunities for you as you are open to them, but do trust yourself enough to take a leap and some risks that feel uplifting for you in reaching out or accepting the offers of others to work together. Sisters of the Sun Rising know that the light can grow strong when souls join together in creative endeavors, allowing different flavors of the divine to come through in each project, making it richer than it would be with one flavour alone. This oracle is also guidance to remain true to yourself in collaborative efforts. You may be struggling between compromise and staying true to who you are and how you work. You don't need to compromise, you need to honor your boundaries and the boundaries of others and trust that when you are meant to work together, you will find a way not to compete but to complement (and perhaps also compliment!) each other so you can all shine together. The Sisters of the Sun Rising are calling you to find ways not to diminish yourself in collaboration with others, but to dare to become more of yourselves together. If you have pulled this card together with the Sisters of the Star Blossoms, then there is special encouragement to collaborate with others in a group situation or to collaborate on projects involving groups of people. You will receive spiritual support in these endeavors. This oracle also indicates that in any relationship you have right now, there is healing taking place and if you look for the win-win solution (no matter how tricky it might seem to find that wisdom as first, it IS there to be found), you will have successfully collaborated as Souls finding healing! Well done!


Sit with your journal and write a letter to any person that you have had a collaborative relationship with that feels unsatisfying, unfulfilling, disappointing or incomplete. In your letter express yourself and at the end of the letter, express your intention to let it go so that you are both free, offer forgiveness and when you are ready, read the letter aloud and then burn it and scatter the ashes carefully in the earth, checking thoroughly first that they are all fully extinguished. Then sit down and write a letter to those souls that you are currently working with or would like to work with. They might be musicians, artists, writers, healers, publishers, agents, promoters, accountants, or actors! The possibilities are vast. Write a letter about what kind of collaborations you might like to attract and what outcomes you would like. Imagine it like a heavenly advertisement with the Sisters of the Sun Rising, a glorious gathering of community effort, shining their love and support to your words. When you feel happy with what you have specified, read it aloud and then fold it up and place it somewhere sacred, perhaps in your journal, in your meditation space or under a crystal in the garden. Give thanks for the Guidance that led you to do this so that you would be ready to receive.


Beloved Sisters of the Sun Rising, sweet sister Kuan Yin, thank you for your help now in opening my heart fearlessly with confidence, faith, friendliness, firm boundaries and an open mind to be inspired, supported and helped in making successful creative collaborations. May all such relationships be blessed in my life now. Om Mani Padme Hum.

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Next week I am offering a Free Spirit Guided Reading to any who comment on this blog with their name and a question as we work with my special Gods and Titan's Oracle Deck!
~ Have a Blessed Week ~


05/24/2015 5:45am

I am working on a vision board pintrest is a wonderful thing for that

05/28/2015 3:22pm

Yes! A friend just mentioned that to me a few weeks ago and I have also been using that as well. It's wonderful. One of my favorite tricks are to make a collage in pinterest and then save it and put it on the desktop of my computer! That way I am reminded of what I am working on all of the time!

Do you have a question to be entered into the free reading this week Lindsay?

05/24/2015 5:50am

I'm just wondering why it seems i can't find a man that is good for me. I have so much love to give! I just wish I could find someone to love me back. Thanks.

05/28/2015 3:24pm

Thank you Amy! You have been entered into the free reading for this week! Have a blessed week!

Kim R
05/24/2015 6:04am

I would like to know if I will ever be able to trust again and find happiness in my life?

05/28/2015 3:24pm

Thank you Kim! You have been entered into the free reading for this week! Have a blessed week!

05/24/2015 9:02am

Will I find love again?

05/28/2015 3:30pm

Thank you Laurinne,
Your question has been submitted for this week's free reading. Please check back after the weekend to see if Spirit chose to answer you this week.

05/27/2015 6:59am

Are the life changes I need going to happen soon ? Thank you !

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Thank you Mandy! Your question has been submitted for the free reading this week. Please check back after the weekend to see if Spirit chose you. Have a blessed week.

Alice Rotaru
05/29/2015 7:15pm

Hi! I would like to know if my pregnancy is going well. Thank you!

05/31/2015 7:42pm

Thank you Alice! Your question has been submitted for the free reading this week. Please check back after the weekend to see if Spirit chose you. Have a blessed week.

05/29/2015 8:16pm

I want to know why im seeing patterns of loss tied to 7 i.e. July. And I am seeing 11:11 and waking up with hymns in my head.

05/31/2015 7:43pm

Robin, Thank you for submitting your question for the free reading this week. Please check back after the weekend to see if Spirit chose you. Have a blessed week.


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his is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Keep up the excellent work.

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his is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Keep up the excellent work.

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