Earlier this week someone asked me: "How can I be sure what messages are from angels and what are my own thoughts?" and this brought me back to the beginning of my spiritual journey because I delved into this very deeply for myself at that time.

Five years ago I was just beginning to understand who I truly am and why I am here and along with this I working very hard at devolving my natural intuitive abilities as I had left them on the shelf before my teen years because they made me 'different' than everyone else. Now I relish that uniqueness and each of us should because we are all here for a very important reason -- to shine that uniqueness and our love onto the world, a world who desperately needs all that we have to offer at this time.

So about a year into my Spiritual Journey I was really struggling emotionally with distinguishing between what were my thoughts, my ego's riptides and what was from my guides and angels. At this time I had not yet been able to distinguish unique energy patterns for each angel, guide, entity, goddess, ascended master, etc...

I devoted an entire month to the study of how to learn to know what was me and what was the spirits and nothing worked for me until I came across Tom T. Moore's Books. He has three and they are all about communicating with angels via a specific but easy format of requesting assistance. His books are, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for those who Believe in Angels, The Gentle Way II the Story Continues and The Gentle Way III: Master Your Life; in them he discusses an easy format of requesting assistance for anything and everything and includes examples from others just like you and me. He also has a weekly newsletter and a weekly blog which I still ready consistently to this day because there is always something in there that catches my eye and I am like, oh I should be asking for help with that too!

So anyways, I was reading through his previous blogs, newsletters and had just ordered his e-books when I ran across someone who had requested help with their intuitive abilities and they had had a lot of success in ironing out the kinks. That is when I felt guided to create my own 'Most Benevolent Outcome' or what those of us who follow this method call, MBO's!

So when I was ready to completely give this situation over to Spirit I sat down at a quiet time, cleared my mind and sat listening to some relaxing music and then said out loud, "I request a most benevolent outcome that my angels and guides help me to creatively realize and distinguish what is my voice and ego inside my head and what is spirits with results even better than I could expect or hope for. Thank you!"

I sat for a few minutes but did not hear anything and so I continued to meditate but while doing so I began to feel these bring angel lights filling my entire body. Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Haniel, Archangel Michael and more came to me -- in essence they were clearing out my entire physical body of doubts and other toxic thoughts and emotions clogging me at that time. This continued for about five to ten minutes and I felt very warm -- almost hot and so much love from the heavens that I did not wish to leave my meditation but finally I was told it was time.

The next day my guide came to me and said, from now on your thoughts will be separated via your brain hemispheres. Your right brain will be your thoughts and your ego's thoughts while your left brain will be your soul brain. We will communicate with you here as will others. Your intuitive guidance and inspirations and creativity will reside here. This was fascinating to me because I had been studying up about how the right side of the brain is typically the intuitive part of the brain and the left brain the more logical and here they had switched it on me!

From that day forward the information just flowed like it had never stopped, or like I had never stopped it as a child. The floodgates opened and I not only heard everything I needed to hear, but I also felt it and knew that all was accurate. To this day I still stop and ask myself, okay which side of the brain did that come from and when I realize which one it was I am able to distinguish if it is true guidance or if it is my ego and my own thoughts and wishes.

It's so fascinating -- sometimes we forget that all we have to do is simply ask and we shall truly receive! Now don't expect to say this and have your own personal angels and guides do the exact same thing because that will probably not happen. Be open to allowing your angels and guides to use their creativity to determine the best method for you and they will! The angels are unable to infringe on our free will and so we must ask for their assistance in everything. Once they have permission to intervene they will go to work for you on your request as long as it serves your highest good and the highest good of all around you.

Stop and ask yourself today, 'Have I asked for help with (name of struggle or situation)? If not, then perhaps you could use the MBO format to request unlimited access and assistance from your angels!

Amy McGill asked, "I'm just wondering why it seems I can't find a man that is good for me. I have so much love to give! I just wish I could find someone to love me back. Thanks."


Trust that chaos is a part of the process of change. Things sometimes need to fall apart to re-form into your desires. Hold your intention.

Symbols: Ankh, War Scepter & Storms

The Egyptian God of the desert, darkness, chaos, and storms is Set (or Seth). An incredibly powerful God with many temples attributed to him, Set was the son of Nuit of the Sky and Geb of the earth, and he was brother to Osiris. Set is a mysterious figure, represented as a man with the head of a beast, including features of an aardvark, a jackal, or even greyhound. He is considered the dark brother of Osiris, whom he killed and dismembered in jealousy.

Set was the mighty lord of Upper Egypt and Ombos, which was situated on the western banks of the River Nile and became the center of his cult. Set was regarded as barren, just like the desert with which he was associated. In fact, even in later dynasties, when the followers of Horus demonized Set, the people of the desert still honored him with major temples in remote areas.

Current archaeological thinking is that Set was not always a demon or murderer and instead was the victim of a smear campaign. As Pharaoh Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt, a natural competition formed between the two regions -- politically, commercially, and even spiritually. Horus was the patron of Lower Egypt; Set rules Upper Egypt. The followers of both fought over who would be the patron of the unified kingdom. Finally the followers of Horus reigned victorious. Set was disfiguratively, and perhaps even literally, exiled to the fury of the desert for eternity.

Carrying a special war scepter (a staff of power), Set parted chaos and embodied the organizing force of nature. As god of storms, he could whip up a destructive force from nothing and, as easily, command this chaos to dissipate.

Should the energies of Set blow in from the desert, know that all is not lost! There is such a thing as necessary chaos. Sometimes things need to fall apart so that they can re-form into what we really want. While we are in a chaotic space -- mentally or physically -- everything seems confusing and hopeless, yet we need to trust that we are simply in a place of transition. Feeling like we create chaos or can't escape someone else's chaos can be tiring and stressful, but out of chaos comes new beginnings. When we feel there's anarchy in our lives, we often find exactly the type of order we need.

There is also a yin to a yang, a dark to a light, an east to a west. One is not better than the other -- they just are. We must recognize duality in ourselves for maximum spiritual growth. Perhaps you are seeing chaos and not order at present, and this is causing imbalance.  

As Set has a darker energy, it is worth exploring the emotions of jealousy and unethical competition. Set, in some myths, was prepared to win at any cost, something that is almost always destructive. It's important to accept chaos for its positive outcomes without letting it overcome your life.


This is a powerful invocation for asking Set to remove you from a chaotic situation or to make change easier. Set is the God of storms, so feel free to conduct this rite during a storm if you feel guided to do so. Other auspicious times are during dark moon or on a waning moon cycle. Burn some frankincense or benzoin resin. Have a small bowl of sand or soil close by or stand outside -- if it is not during a storm -- where you can access the earth. Center yourself. Take a breath and say:

Mighty Lord Set,

I call upon your power.

You who are strength by my side,

You who embody the fighting spirit,

You who are the necessary shadow

To balance the light.

Royal Majesty Set,

I know I am within necessary chaos

And I have asked for change.

I walk through the desert.

Not knowing which direction to travel.

Protect me and show me the way through.

Now state to Set the nature of the chaos and what it is you need. Pick up a handful of sand or soil and allow it to slip slowly through your fingers and say:

Lord Set of the storms,

Allow the wind to be at my back,

The dust to wash me clean.

Part the way through this storm.

Allow me to see what I need to flourish!

Allow the rest of the sand or dirt to fly away, as you now trust that meaning will come from the chaos that was.

Kim R asked, "I would like to know if I will ever be able to trust again and find happiness in my life?"



Know that personal patterns, positive or negative, may be playing out in your life right now. Plug into the cycles of nature for renewal and vitality.

Symbols: Radiant Glow, Aurelia, Golden Bow, Chariot with Solar Horses

Helios is the Greek Titan of the sun. Resplendent in a golden armor and a spectacular aura of light crowning his head, Helios drives  his solar chariot around the sky each day. Four fiery steeds -- Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon, and Phlegon -- draw his chariot, racing in a circular motion around the earth during the day. At night they carry him back through the ocean in a golden cup. An honest and beautiful titan, he displays forgiveness and grace even when provoked.

The Greeks told a story of the mighty hero Heracles and his quest to find and bring back the Cattle of Geryon. To do this, he had to cross a scorching desert in Libya. Thirsty, sunburned, and half mad with rage at the heat, Heracles shot an arrow at the sun in vengeance. Knowing that this was a disrespectful action, Heracles repented instantly and asked for Helio's forgiveness. Seeing his predicament and admiring his fortitude, Helios not only forgave the hero but loaned him his golden up. This ensured the success of Heracle's mission.

Helios drives his chariot as certainly as the sun rises each day. The rhythm and cycle of the sun is the catalyst for countless other cycles, such as those of growth, temperature, and season. Pagan peoples watched all the seasonal cycles carefully, in order to learn to ride with them, not against them. This is a lesson modern people could better learn.

Accessing the energy of Helios illuminates the patterns and cycles in your life -- the productive ones and the ones you would rather interrupt. Consider what cycles you may be caught in. You could be continually responding to someone's treatment of you in unhealthy ways, procrastinating on completing a project, or eating a good breakfast and exercising. Whatever the cycle, it's important to notice it and honor it before deciding whether it is good for your life or a cyle you need to bust out of.

Once, the son of Helios tried to drive his father's chariot without permission, at a time of the day that was unnatural. For his trouble, he set some of the world on fire and fell from the sky. If we ignore the natural cycles of the earth, the ecosystem becomes imbalanced, and we are certainly now understanding the dire consequences of this.

Similarly, if we ignore our own natural cycles, our bodies become imbalanced. Ensuring we get adequate sleep, eating food that is good for us, and giving our bodies appropriate rest and exercise are all important. Our own bodies' cycles need self-care to balance if they are demonstrating unevenness, and it's important to recognize and honor these as well.


Helios' energy is wonderful to use to reconnect to your natural cycles or to burn away any patterns that no longer serve you. Stand out in the full sunshine when you do this invocation. Feel the heat, the blessing of the rays of Helios! Raise your hands, palms up, to the sky and say:

I shield my eyes; your face is so bright,

I feel your rays. I feel your light,

I watch as you arc across the sky.

I call on you, Helios, so high.

Helios, come to me, meet.

I am unbalanced, my circle replete.

Show me the way; make it clear,

no dark pattern for me to fear.

I shield my eyes; your face is so bright.

I feel your grace. I feel your might,

I watch as you grant me full power.

I call on you Helios, this  hour!

Now state what it is that you need to remove or attract for the connection of healthy cycles to occur. Thank Helios, knowing all will be as you have asked.

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~ Have a Blessed Week ~


Tina Wotherspoon
05/31/2015 10:06pm

Hi, this us the first time I have seen your blog, and some of the info has really struck a note with me, I have been so stuck trying to get back to the Real Me, something I really need to do, but having a difficult time with figuring out and eliminating blocks, to move forward. Thank you .

06/01/2015 8:38pm

Thank you so much for your honesty and time to let me know how much you enjoy the blog. I love writing it and my goal is to help others through my writing, through spirit and the angels. It touches my heart when others share things like this with me. I hope to see you around more in my blog, feel free to participate in the free readings and hope to see you at the free events in the future. May Spirit guide you during this time of re-discovery -- enjoy it for it is a true adventure. Have a blessed week.

06/01/2015 4:23am

thank you so much! your message definately spoke to me. thanks be to Set for speaking to me through you!

06/01/2015 8:40pm

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know the message resonated with you and spoke to your heart. I love doing readings for others and it warms my heart and makes my gift so much more enjoyable when others let me know their thoughts on the messages they receive. Have a blessed week.

Kim R
06/03/2015 6:24am

Who can I trust to be a true friend?

05/14/2016 12:41am

I always find very good information on spirituality from this site. Thank you for all your most, almost all are very insightful. How to know the voice speaking to you is very crucial in the spiritual journey I am glad it is the topic today. Thanks for posing on this topic; I was hoping to get solution hoping now I have a solution. I also wonder about my love life.


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