Your eternal soul has lived many other lifetimes and these can all affect our present lives including your career, health, relationships, family and life lessons. Receiving a past life reading can help you to understand your own patterns and behaviors so you can begin to overcome negative blocks and enjoy greater happiness, well-being, abundance and love.

I've had many clients ask me, am I an old soul or a new soul? For the most part, most everyone has lived hundreds of past lives -- there are not very many new souls being introduced into the Universe at this time because of the great energy shift. More and more old souls are being called to the planet currently.

If you are a new soul you will be hard pressed to see past lives because they have been so recent and your soul has not dwelled in them for long periods of time and you will also feel in awe of others around you and wonder why your wisdom does not match the levels of others. There is nothing wrong with this, just you are an avid student and love to go to others for advice or wisdom rather than allow you to guide yourself. Those who are new souls also tend to live very rough lives where you may feel like nothing is going right -- Murphy's law -- is in fact, of your own doing. Before you reincarnated, you contracted all of these things to come into your life, you asked the Universe to bring all of these things, and often New Souls try to accomplish too much in too short of a span and it creates a lot of misery. Often, new souls decide to leave the planet before they complete all of their missions because they are so overwhelmed and depressed. They can do this either through suicide, a natural disaster, terrorist activity, etc... when the soul wills the body to die and decides it no longer wishes to be here other forces intervene to prevent severe damage to the soul through destructive means.

Those that are old souls are often very wise, most of the light-workers and holistic healers on the planet currently are very old souls -- most of whom have lived thousands upon thousands of lives and often see glimpses of their past lives as they interfere with their current lives. If they are not spiritually inclined they may dismiss these messages as dreams or an over-active imagination but they feel so real and the feeling of deja vu is very intense. Most old souls are avid students and teacher concurrently because they love to help others but also seek more and more knowledge they have yet to explore. They desire to make a difference, to make their mark on the planet either through healing, teaching or assisting. A perfect example of this is myself: I am a very old soul who has reincarnated since the beginning of time -- I have explored past lives in almost every single era from the age of the Dinosaurs to the shores of France, back to the times of Jesus and Saint Ignacius, to the Western 1800's and everything in between on several continents and lands. I am an angel and energy healer and my life has been dedicated to serving others. I was raised the oldest of seven children so naturally I was always helping to take care of the younger children. In High School, I began caring for Early Childhood Education children and continued in that for over fifteen years before moving into working with Disabled Adults and Children and eventually to where I am now, working with Seniors. The patterns are deeply ingrained in old souls and they don't have as many contracts with deep lessons and when they do they are usually spaced out far enough to allow for full healing to occur rather than jump out of one mess and right into another as New Souls tend to do.

Take some time to sit in meditation quietly, clear your mind and ask yourself, am I a new soul or an old soul? Ask the questions one at a time and notice how your physical body reacts...does it feel happiness, excitement, shivers and other positive signs or does it feel cold, empty , scared, sad, etc....If you receive positive signs then that is an answer of 'Yes' and if negatively, then the answer is 'No.' Trust in your own intuition and answers for your soul will never lead you astray.

Starting in the month of May I will be taking requests for free readings on my blog. To be entered to receive a free reading please comment below with your question and the Angels will help me choose a few to complete each month and they will be posted with my monthly blog post. The Angels will never post anything too private publicly.

Example: "Angels, please may I have some messages regarding my marriage and why things are rough at this time."

"Angels, please I could really use some messages about (medical condition) at this time.

"Angels, how do I break myself out of the pattern of __________?"

Please check back each month to see if your question was answered!



05/25/2015 7:43pm

Angels, what guidance do you offer for this most difficult time in my life? I'm hanging on as best I can but I'm very very tired. Thank you.


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