Please look at the image below and ask a question to your angels about your life.

Afterwards, see which card(s) you are most drawn to and scroll down to that card for the message.

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Love & Light

Card #1


Two of the most powerful words to raise your vibration and gain the support of your higher celestial forces are: "I decide." The moment you truly decide on a particular goal and fully commit to a course of action, the Universe can step up and being to assist you. But until you decide, the only thing the Universe and all your Divine support systems can do is respect your free will and patiently wait. Not even your angels or guides can override your lack of decision. Once your intention is set, however, all sources of Higher power are ready, willing, and able to assist you. So ask yourself: "What have I decided and what is my intention right now?" Once you name it, all systems are go.

Card #2


Does your gut rumble, your chest tighten, and the hair on your arms rise in certain situations? Does your heart race and your head pound? Do you get a lump in your throat at other times? Pay close attention to these signals because your body is talking to you, and what it's saying is important. It has a language of its own, unique and consistent, and with a little awareness you'll begin to read what your body's vibes are trying to tell you -- whether it's a warning or a good vibe. Learn to read your body's vibes by running a mental scanner over it several times a day, asking yourself, "How do I feel physically right now?" Take your awareness a step further and actually talk to your body. Ask it aloud for feedback, and trust what you get. Don't over-think it; take the first thought or feeling that pops up as accurate, and use the information to guide you. This is six-sensory health insurance.

Card #3


This is a time to call on your helper guides, those higher beings on the Other Side who are masterful in addressing the specific challenges you face right now. They're ready, willing, and able to gently help you achieve your goals, so don't hesitate to ask for help. Open up to their influence when you're stuck by doing something completely unrelated to the challenge at hand, such as going for a short walk, or relaxing with a cup of tea. If you want to contact a specific helper guide, you can do that as well. They can be people known only to you, such as your father or grandfather, or known to all as public figures or famous people You can also ask your deceased grandmother, known for her apple pies, to help you prepare dinner for your boss or a new love interest. And don't be shy to ask for the best in every area. Your helper guides love to help, and will!

Card #4


If you've heard that being intuitive is a special gift only for a select few, then you've been misinformed. Once you start paying attention to your vibes, you'll see that there are creative, artful, six-sensory people all around, and they look normal except for one thing -- they shine! If you hesitate to step out of the closet as a six-sensory person, look for these mentors to inspire you to navigate the psychic highway with more confidence and ease. Seek out public people who demonstrate that being six sensory can indeed be graceful, creative, supportive, and fun. Role models for intuitive living are not that hard to find. They're the people who are ethical, humanitarian, and spontaneous. Their auras sparkle, they laugh out loud, and their enthusiasm for life is infectious. They listen, follow their heart, trust their feelings, speak their truth, and act on their instincts without hesitation. And they encourage you to do the same. Ask them what their secret is, and inevitably they will say, "I trust my vibes."


Blessed Be

Love & Light



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