Lately I have been asked a lot, "How may I increase my finances?" or "Why am I not prosperous?" "Where did my abundance go?"

My answer? It's still there! You just have to seek it. We all go through difficult times, especially, financially but we don't have to. Our Angels and guides are right next to us waiting to help us with anything and everything if we will only ask them. Sometimes, we are so busy with our lives that we forget they are there. They send us numerous signs each and every day but there are times when we are not even looking for those signs. How then, are they supposed to get our attention? One sure fire way is give us a little kick in our financial department! Without money, abundance, prosperity, etc. most of us feel like we cannot live or survive -- which is partially true. Have you ever seen one thing after another happen -- especially, where three different major appliances in your house go out one after the other in a matter of weeks or months? This is a sign to pay attention! It's time to balance your life out again and get back to manifesting! Reflect on what goals or dreams you have given up on in the past six months? How has that affected your life? Imbalanced it? Essential oils can help us not only bring this financial success, abundance, prosperity, money and wealth back into our lives but there are numerous health benefits to using them as well! Here are just a few that I use in my own life!

Place a drop of your desired oil inside your wallet to draw in more money while visualizing your wallet filling with crisp $20, $50 or $100 bills!

Create a God Box - write down intention for help in paying for a bill or other expense and then release it to God and the Angels as you put it into the box.

Wear your desired essential oil(s) daily to attract money. Put a drop on your skin or clothing or create a spritzer to wear like a body spray.

Before going to a Casino, write the name of the casino on a piece of paper or print out a picture of it and use your desired essential oil on and around the name or picture with the intention of winning large sums of money!

The ways to use the different essential oils for drawing in money, abundance, wealth, prosperity, etc. is limited only by your imagination!

Anoint your paycheck to provide increases it bring about promotions.

Anoint a green candle and burn it, with the intention of bringing more money into your home.

Anoint your lottery tickets and visualize yourself willing unlimited amounts of money.

Anoint crystals, amulets, talisman and other charms that you use in your manifestations for money.

Anoint your cash, debit cards, credit cards, store cards, etc... as you use them to spend to ensure the money will return to you.

Anoint your purse and/or wallet with your desired oil daily so you will never be without money!

Mass Anoint your coins to reproduce rapidly with a spritzer or even pure drops of your desired oil.

*Because DoTerra uses the most organic and pure products available they are the only Essential Oils I personally recommend. All of DoTerra's products are put through a rigorous set of standards during processing ensuring you are getting the very best product! In fact, they are a top company internationally and one of the only companies to manufacture certain Essential Oils which can be ingested as well as applied topically!

DoTerra's Basil Essential Oil is wonderful for use in manifesting in general but most especially in visualization! This oil can be applied to crystals, amulets, candles or even sprayed on a manifesting board as a spritzer or on your clothing to increase the intensity of your desires, raise your vibration and uplift your mood and emotions to the level of success!

Wholesale $20 | Retail $27

DoTerra's Bergamot Essential Oil is a wonderful tool for attracting success financially and career wise as well as bringing in extra money. My personal favorite way of using this oil is to anoint my candles which, as a Reiki Master, I also infuse with Reiki energy.

Wholesale $28 | Retail $37

DoTerra's Cedarwood Essential Oil is one of my favorite oils not only because I love the scent but also because it has been proved to help increase your personal and family prosperity but also to assist your bank account to increase and grow steadily with consistent use!

Wholesale $13.00 | Retail $18

DoTerra's Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil smells divine and I have found through stable use that it provides Career Success both financially and fulfillment wise as well as bringing in more wealth into your life through prosperity and abundance as well as unlimited income.

Wholesale $21 | Retail $28

DoTerra's Clove Essential Oil has multiple uses and I love them all! Not only is is superb in spicing up your finances by increasing your prosperity but it is also great for cooking, oral health and immune system support!

Wholesale $14 | Retail $19

DoTerra's Ginger Essential Oil is a world renowned and anciently used essential oil with multiple financial gains. Generally, it is used for prosperity, wealth and abundance. My favorite use is to use it as a spritz and spray in your surroundings or on your clothing, wallet, purse, etc... whenever you want money to come to you. The scent also increases your bio electric energy, raises your vibration and supports other physical systems.

  Wholesale $29 | Retail $39

DoTerra's Frankincense Essential Oil is one of the oldest oils ever used! This is one of the most treasured and highly sought after essential oils and if you recall, one of the Wisemen brought Jesus this as a gift!

Frankincense helps to bring in wealth and prosperity and has been known to help some win the lottery and games of chance as well as increase casino winnings. This oil will also raise the energy level and vibration of the user and Increase their psychic and intuitive abilities and open up astral communication lines.

Wholesale $70 | Retail $93.00

DoTerra's Patchouli Essential Oil is associated with all of the abundance and prosperity that the earth has to offer us. It is a very grounding essential oil and it aides us in manifesting; especially, visualization and releasing limiting beliefs holding us back financially.

Wholesale $30 | Retail $40

DoTerra's Peppermint Essential Oil is one that helps with just about every health ailment, healing or problem/issue you may be working on!

Financially it will increase your positive energy, mood and emotions as well as uplift your vibration. This essential oil is one of the more common ones used in professional money and wealth spells!

Wholesale $21 | Retail $28

DoTerra's Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is another very famous and ancient oil used in money spells. Personally, I have found it very useful in heightening wealth and success, increasing my prosperity, money and abundance. When using this oil in manifesting -- especially visualization I feel an increased sense of power and energy. Ylang Ylang will also uplift your vibration and increase your positive energy, mood and emotions!

Wholesale $36 | Retail $47.00

If you are interested in ordering any of DoTerra's Essential Oils listed here or any of their listed products I would be more than happy to work with you! You may either order via my website or receive my wholesale price by emailing me to place an order with my monthly order which is put in by the 12th of each month!

*All prices listed are valid as of December 2014


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