What messages are your angels and guides sending you currently? Did you know they send us messages through music weekly at the bare minimum and most of the time on a daily basis?
Is there a song you have woken up with in your head? I often find myself singing songs I haven't heard in years and when I look up the lyrics it's always an 'ah-ha' moment with a message I need to hear the most. I advise all of you to do this and if none of the lyrics jump out at you then stop for a moment, take a few breaths and ask aloud, 'what are you trying to communicate to me here?' Listen and you are going to hear, feel or think something very important surrounding that song. Make sure your journal about it in order to get the most out of it! You will receive more messages this way!

For instance, this morning I woke up and found myself singing Annie's song, 'It's a Hard Knock Life' while getting ready for work this morning. It has literally been five years or more since I've watched this movie so this morning I looked up the lyrics....I've posted the video above for everyone.

As I was watching the video the words that popped out for me were, It's a Hard Knock Life, Orphanage, No One There, No One Cares for You and Get to Work. As I began journaling about these a wealth of information came about for me.
Yes life is hard, it's a hard knock life but why is it a hard life? It doesn't have to be? It's a hard knock life because we expect the negativity, we expect things to be hard, difficult and just in general to not go our way. Once we turn this way of thinking around and re-direct our thoughts positively life is not as hard. We are sending signals out to the Universe that this is unacceptable. We don't want negativity, we what positive and challenging situations.

For me, Orphanage represents the jails I often put myself in because of my ego and because of things I fear. Even as adults, many of us get stuck in an orphanage of our own making and stay there...however, we need to break out of this pattern, face our fears and move on. This is why we are here. The Earth is our school and it's time to evolve, learn and grow as much as possible. Every person we meet, every situation we encounter and every challenge we come up against happens for a reason -- because the Universe, God, the angels and our guides love us so much -- they are here to assist us in our growth and to support us. Ask them for their help in breaking out of your Orphanage(s).

No One There and No One Cares really struck me because even to this day I battle allowing others to share in my life because I have been hurt so much. It's a constant battle but I refused to be unseen and unheard. Surround yourself with those who love you, will support you and help you through the difficult times. If the people in your life do not do all three of these things then they do not belong in your life. They are not supporting your life purpose and when you allow them to go, they will be replaced with better friends and family -- ones who will support your life purpose. Don't be afraid to let others in, for when you do not, you are dis-allowing your soul to grow and evolve. You are cheating yourself out of goals you set for yourself in this life before re-incarnating.
Get to Work is a common phrase I hear from my own personal angels and guides a lot. It's their way of saying, Wake Up! It's time for action! They want us to get out there and share ourselves with our friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, our community and yes, even our planet. Ask yourself, how am I making a difference in my life? In others lives? In the life of my community? In the life of my planet? If you can't answer some of these questions you have some work to do. But then, so do all of us -- that is why we are here.
I would like to end this blog with a request....please post your song messages in the comments below. If there is a message for the world in it, and my angels guide me to it, I will post a message for the world here in my blog for everyone.

Love & Light



Shreya Prasad
05/24/2015 10:08am

1: Is there oversea travel in the upcoming months. If yes then when ?
2: Will my project get successfully completed ?
3: which country should i choose for my higher education ?
4:Will I get into a new relationship this year. If yes then when ?

I will be pleased if you reply to my questions.

Thanking You
With Regards
Shreya prasad

Aloka Shejwadkar
05/30/2015 7:17am

I would like to know if i will relocate with job to usa?

10/14/2015 1:36pm

Songs are very important for the fresh up life because it gives us the new day. Every song has his own beauty when we are happy we listen happy songs and when er are sad we listen sad songs.


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