In honor of Doreen Virtue releasing her new deck, Angel Answers, here is a free intuitive reading for you!

Please look at the image below and ask a question to your angels about your life.

Afterwards, see which card you are most drawn to and scroll down to that card for the message.

Comments left at the bottom about your reading are very much appreciated!

Love & Light



It's not necessary to do everything on your own. Your angels are asking you to reach out to those around you for assistance. By allowing others to lend a hand, you greatly increase your chances for success, and your plans will begin to move forward. The help you receive may also include important information provided by knowledgeable individuals. The stress of doing too much can create both physical and emotional health challenges for you. Surround yourself with loving friends and family who are willing and able to lighten your load, and you'll begin to feel much better.

Card #2


Your angels are always with you! However, you must ask for their assistance in order for them to provide you with the help you're seeking, because Heaven respects your freewill choices. State your questions to your angels clearly. You can do so either out loud or silently in your own mind. Your angels will instantly help you according to God's will. Your angels may also have special messages for you about the situation you're asking about. Sit quietly in a peaceful place indoors or out in nature and ask for advice and guidance. Notice what messages come to you. It's possible the answers will come to you through your feelings, hearing, or sight -- or perhaps you will just know the answer! You can also ask the angels for signs during the day to guide you onto the right path.

Card #3


Your intuition is completely reliable and accurate at this time. Listen to your own inner guidance and you can't go wrong. You can be certain that the messages you're receiving from your angels are real and trustworthy. Have faith in your feelings about the circumstances you're experiencing. Your insight into other people and their true feelings or motives are perfectly accurate. There is no need to question what you know is true.



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