Have you ever read something in a book, magazine or newspaper and then felt like that message was meant for you? Well guess what, it is! Oftentimes, our Angels will communicate with us through reading materials and then our higher consciousness will intuitively let us know that this is something we needed to hear at this time so that our spirit will process the information and store it away for us.
There are times when we may feel like we are not receiving messages or want to receive additional information about our life. When this occurs we can choose a book -- hard copy or electronic format and then ask our angels to give us some numbers to receive additional messages. Ask for at least two numbers; the first number may be a larger number as it will be the page number and the second number will be the sentence number on that page -- this will probably be a lower number -- under 10.  After you receive the numbers turn to that page and sentence in the book to read what it says. The information may not even make sense to you at the current time but write it down and put it in a safe place for later. Come back to it and you will say, 'ah-ha!'

Love & Light



05/20/2016 12:31am

Love is such a beautiful thing and should be given liberally. Most people tend to shy away from having to open up their hearts to love and be loved. They claim that love is too painful. It is either that they’ve been hurt or pushed too close to the wall than they were prepared to go. Because of such situations they close their hearts and refuse to love again for fear of being burnt again and again.


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