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Vision Quest

In this arid climate zone that we call the desert, images shift and change throughout the day, yet always maintain a sharp and defined presence. Those hardy species of flora and fauna that have found a home in the desert have adapted over eons to the relative harshness that's a strong characteristic of these lands. Throughout history, we've passed down many stories of people wandering the desert. Often they're about religious figures and ascended masters who had journeyed there and returned to their people with remarkable visions. The desert is an ideal place to seek a vision or, more accurately, to allow a vision to come to you. The quiet an peace of such an environment is conducive to the solitude required to have this type of profound experience. Spending time in this region without the usual accoutrements of the civilized world can present survival challenges or at least seen to. And this could rightfully be called a spirit quest, where through steadiness in this seeming bleak environment, it becomes possible to receive direct guidance from Spirit internally and in the world around you.

A 'vision quest' is a process whereby you spend a few days in the wilderness alone. Typically, you carry only water and some sacred items with you, and you spend most of the time praying or meditating. Many who have completed a vision quest assert that it is a powerful and even life-changing experience, and report vivid and profound revelations. It is said that 'the desert does not lie' so partaking in this can help you discover the truth about your purpose, or at least give you some clues. It is time for YOU to go on a vision quest. Designate a place i Nature in which to dwell, whether for a couple of hours or a few days. Spend the majority of your time while there praying and meditating. It is best to be in a location where you can truly find solitude, even if it is in a quiet corner of a park for an afternoon. Wherever yu go, take your question, concern, or challenge with you into prayer or meditation. Allow it to float around in your consciousness, and watch what shows up. This is one of the more powerful cards. By drawing it, whatever other messages you may have received are amplified threefold. 


As the sun sets, the crescent of the new moon appears in the distance as this ancestral human creates his art, painting on the walls of the cave with colors drawn from Earth substances. The fire warms him; the cave shelters him and provides a refuge from the rest of the world. With its womb-like structure, it not only offers sanctuary but also serves as a temple that houses his creative spirit, which eventually gives 'birth' in the physical form of his artwork. Note how absorbed he is in the process. He no doubt has prepared for this creative ceremony by getting the fire going, mixing the colors, and gathering his sacred objects. He's painting an image of a sacred spiral, one of the most ancient symbols ever discovered. It's been depicted in artwork found in a variety of cultures and occurs frequently in Nature in exquisite mathematical proportions (such as in the shape of a nautilus shell). It also shows up in burial sites around the world representing the endless spiral of life-death-rebirth, the grand and complex mystery so elegantly portrayed in a simple circular pattern.

There is a quiet, still place inside of you that will always be available as a sanctuary, yet finding such a space in the natural world will enhance and complement this internal place of peace. Whether it is a cave, meadow, forest, seashore, or any other setting in Nature, this is where you can see, hear, and feel the presence of the Creator in your surroundings. Let it become a temple for your heart and soul. Rather than having your computer, television, or any other human-made device or activity be your sanctuary, allow yourself to discover the perfect place in Nature where you can simply be and breathe. Doing so bridges the connection between the internal and external, facilitating a spiritual communion that allows your being to be aligned in dramatic and quiet reverie with All That Is. In today's busy world, it becomes even more critical to set aside time for sanctuary -- even if you have to schedule it. 

Ebb and Flow

The ebb and flow of Life is never more clearly represented than in the oceans' movements. The tides of these great bodies of water rise and fall in regular rhythms, and the waves continue to roll to the shores in endless and varied patterns, just as they have been doing for millions of years and will continue to do so for millions more. These tides and waves maintain a relative predictability unless other unforeseeable forces of Nature intervene, which have been known to happen. Hurricanes and earthquakes, for instance, can have a dramatic effect on the characteristics of both the tides and the waves. The oceans cover seventy-percent of the Earth, and the human body averages a composition of seventy-percent water. The dynamic gravitational interaction of the sun and moon that moves these massive bodies of water and creates the shifting tides also affects our human bodies in ways that we respond to instinctually, often having a great deal more influence over our moods and emotional states than we're aware of.

An important aspect in the art of living is to move with the ebb and flow of your emotions, joining their fluidity but not being captured by it. It is also not necessary to become obsessed with any particular fluctuation in mood or feeling. They are simply emotions, often activated in ways that are completely beyond your understanding. When you neither minimize nor exaggerate the intensity and importance of your emotions, you then have a greater sense of when and how to express them. You have been fighting the ebb and flow of your own feelings -- denying your hurt, anger, or sorrow -- by either attaching yourself to one or the other and nurturing it as if you were a nursing child, or else smoothing over your feelings with more practiced responses that deny and hide what is going on beneath the surface of your expression. When you attempt to constrict yourself from experiencing your emotions, it is much like trying to stem the tides that grow even more forceful with every attempt humans make to control them. Allow yourself to swim with these variations rather than resisting them. 

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