I have been guided to begin sharing my wonderful healings through the angels and through their miraculous mother nature cures and so we begin.

Archangel Raphael comes to me often when things are not working for me medicine wise and because I work closely with him a lot. I ask him each and every night to please heal me in all ways .... whatever needs the most attention and I always feel better in the morning no matter what has happened in the previous day or how I was feeling upon going to bed.

Lately, I have been guided to work on my seasonal allergies issues. I have had terrible seasonal allergies since I was a child and my parents also have really bad seasonal allergies. For ten years, I was put on a different medicine every year because the one I was taking would become ineffective until I started taking Flonase about five years ago. It has worked for me up until this year. While it still continues to help half way it is definitely not as effective as it used to be.

Recently, I went to a Meetup in Pennsylvania where I was able to experience the wonderful effects of DoTerra Essential Oils first hand and I have to say I am still stunned and amazed. I was offered a peppermint beadlet and also a few drops of the breathe oil and the effects were instantaneous. For the first time in months I felt like I could breathe! I bought some peppermint oil on the spot to use on my allergies and I have been symptom free minus a few sneezes here and there which are nature's way of helping us to rid ourselves of toxicity here and there.

I will never go back to western medicine for allergies! No more ineffective medicines, feeling drowsy, and other side effects. I have no use for those. Mother Nature has given us all we need and I intend to use her products rather than to bankrupt myself trying to keep up with new medicines.

My goal: within a year my medicine cabinet will be essential oils and all the Over-the-Counter meds will be history. No more expiration dates and wasting time, money, or products!

I hope you too will try the amazing effects of Mother Nature!

If you are interested in purchasing any essential oils from a company who is renowned for having the most pure essential oils please contact me about placing an order either through my website at retail price or in my monthly order and receive my wholesale price! I promise, you will not be disappointed!


09/20/2015 1:31pm

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