The Archangel's have a message for you today!

Which numbered card(s) do you feel connected to today?

Please comment below with the number(s) and/or any archangels you feel have messages for you at this time and then click 'Read More' below for the revealed cards.


This situation doesn't serve you!
Release your attachment to the outcome.
Consider taking a more uplifting approach.

This situation doesn't serve you! Stop and reconsider if the actions you're planning are worth your time and energy. You may very well 'win' the day, but there is a strong possibility that there won't be much to celebrate in the end. Ask your angels if there are other, more uplifting paths you might follow. There is a lot of negative energy coming from the people involved in this situation that doesn't match your vibration. Archangel Michael can help you vacuum away all that negativity. Consider releasing your attachment to the outcome as too draining. Make more optimistic plans. Even if things didn't turn out the way you'd hoped, value what you've learned and try again with your improved information!


Ask your angels for helpful people to lighten your load. Working too many hours. Trying too hard to please others.

It's important to live a balanced life! Your determination and sheer will to accomplish the task before you is very admirable, but it's taking a large toll on you. Ask for help from others. Delegate responsibility to those who can do a good job. Reduce stress for the sake of protecting your health. Release feelings of guilt, and remove unnecessary obligations from your schedule. Your current challenges may feel burdensome, but there is a great deal to learn from this situation. This is a time of growth that will make you stronger. Ask your angels and guides to place helpful people at your side.


Brilliant | Self-Reliant | Insightful | Humorous

You know exactly what to do! The benefit of experience. A time for your career rather than relationships.

You know exactly what to do! Past experiences have prepared you perfectly for the situation you find yourself in. Wisdom blended with humor makes the task easy to accomplish. Give others credit for good intentions rather than perfect actions. This is the time in life for advancing your career and getting things done rather than engaging in romantic relationships. People who are brilliant intellects with a great sense of humor. They have varied and broad experience in life and are very perceptive, courageous, analytical, cool, calm and collected.

Please comment below on whether you chose the right card(s) for yourself and anything else you would like to share with us!


08/21/2014 10:52am

Thank you!

08/21/2014 4:28pm

You are most welcome Raven! Did your message resonate with you?

08/22/2014 6:25pm

Perfect #2. Just for me in my situation. Thanks :)

08/23/2014 7:02am

You are most welcome!

09/13/2015 10:23am

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09/21/2015 7:11am

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