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Wednesday, June 25th thru Friday, June 27th 2014.
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Archangel Jophiel is the higher angel of beauty and love. She works insistently with the Fairies to help us manifest these qualities into ourselves for more self-love through working with the natural elements around us. Today she invites you to ask her questions for she is working with all of us a lot right now. She will answer our questions through the oracle cards. Please invite her into your life so she knows she is welcome to assist you and tell her specifically what you would like help with. Then post your question below.



Fran Hoof
06/25/2014 6:44am

I completed Reiki 2 yesterday and want to know what advice, etc. she has for me. Thank you and God bless!😇💜

06/25/2014 6:57am

what will be the outcome of me entering the shore competition? Thanks Jophiel and Denell :)

Clara Pachon
06/25/2014 7:14am

I 'm recently working on a place which we will have a new owner. Will be better to stay or find another job?? Thanks so much. Love and light^!^

06/25/2014 7:16am

Would love to know how soon would I gain the perfect health that I am striving for ?

06/25/2014 8:42am

Fran Hoof,
Archangel Jophiel is saying you are entering a time of New Beginnings. You may have just gone through a difficult period or may even still be going through this. She also says, 'chin up' things are going to start getting better. Embrace the blessings in your life for your new life begins today.

Love and Light

06/25/2014 8:46am

Archangel Jophiel is saying 'Trust'. You are not putting your faith and trust into God and the Angels to help you in this competition. In doing so, you are guaranteed a measure of success and a wealth of experiences. Ask them to help you release the blocks that are preventing you from enjoying this event. She is showing me yellow roses so having these in your home would help you to release more quickly with her and the fairies.

Love & Light

06/25/2014 9:11am

Thank you! I will try to let go of any blocks and enjoy the process of allowing :)

06/25/2014 9:44am

You are most welcome Akasha!

06/27/2014 6:45am

You are welcome Akasha! Love and Light

06/25/2014 8:52am

"I 'm recently working on a place which we will have a new owner. Will be better to stay or find another job?? Thanks so much. Love and light^!^" -- Clara Pachon

Archangel Jophiel says you can do anything you set your mind to. She is showing me the word 'entrepreneur' and also showing me that you may write and illustrate a book in the very near future. She also asks you to follow your intuition. In relation to your career which option feels correct to you? When you think about leaving your job what messages does your body send you? Are they good or bad? Same thing with staying in your current job? Your intuition will guide you.

<3 Love & Light

06/25/2014 8:57am

"Would love to know how soon would I gain the perfect health that I am striving for ?" -- Vishruti

"Dearest Vishruti, you are approaching your situation from an external angle when quite simply the issues lie within you spiritually. Only you have the key to unlock what is causing these external problems within you. The first step is to create more joy in your life and to focus on serving others. These actions will help you to be very honest with yourself enabling you to discover the locks and keys you desire."

Love and Light

carol beaudry
06/25/2014 4:23pm

will spud and i rfeconcile???????

06/27/2014 8:41am

It feels like this is a time of separation and retreat for both of you. Archangel Jophiel asks you to spend time focusing on other things that are joyful to you. What else are you passionate about? She is really stressing 'passion' so its important to do things that are fun just for you. She si saying this will help you put the relationship ino better perspective and offer you healing and answers. The outcome of this relationship is based on free will ...yours and spuds.
Love and Light

09/06/2015 2:34am

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