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Use your intuition to choose the card with the most meaningful message to you for today.

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and then envision the three cards in your mind.

Which one jumps out at you the most?

Which card do you feel the strongest pull to? Trust yourself to know that your intuition is always guiding you.

After choosing your card (Left, Middle, Right) scroll down to see the revealed cards!
Sometimes you may feel an equal pull to 2 or more of the cards!

Please leave a comment about whether you chose the right card for yourself and why or why not! Did any of the other cards resonate with you? We would love to hear from you!

Love & Light




You are a wise and beautiful old soul. This card confirms that you have taken the right course of action or have responded in a just way in a recent matter. Sometimes the best thing for all concerned is to have the strength to say 'no'. Your recent response will serve to empower you and everyone else involved. To have wisdom is to stand in your own truth with love and respect in your heart for yourself, al of humanity, the Earth and all living things. Allow yourself to be flexible, like the willow that sways with the wind yet remains strongly rooted in the earth. Life is constantly changing within and around you, yet your core essence remains the same. Love and wisdom do not change, they only grow stronger. Continue to live and respond to all in your life through love and truth, for in doing so, you honor the spirit of all living things.


Come, open the golden doors and enter the Universe
within you. Eternity exists inside your heart.

This life is but a dream -- so don't take it too seriously. Listen to the wind, as it blows through the trees, feel it caress your face and feel all of life sway graciously to a universal rhythm. Be one with the eternal flow of Nature, walk with it, rest within its shelter and allow your heart to heal. Nature and the Universe will peel away teach layer that no longer serves you. Dwell not in your illusion, which only carries you into darkness but feel in your heart an eternal glow -- the glow of love. Be at peace with the changing seasons and you will not be left dreaming of summer when winter comes. Shed your fears and be one with each season in your life. Graciously accept all that comes and remember that all is the will of the One whose light fills creation. Ask that God's will be your purpose, that the nature of the Universe also be yours. Walk not into the darkness of night without the glow of love in your heart. Rest your mind and feel the moon's glow, feel the interconnectedness of all things. Merge with the spirit of Nature for she will help you transcend all obstacles. Be one with all, for all is one. Feel loves flame burn brightly in your heart. Close your eyes and allow your mind to drift back into time, through the ancient mists, to the beginning. The further back you go, the closer you will find yourself to the present, for time is but an illusion that masks this eternal moment. be still, for within your solitude you shall discover the power of now. This card is a blessing from the Universe.


*This card appeared inverted meaning there is a blockage that needs to be corrected with this issue in your life.

It is time for you to step into your own power. Stop blaming others or blaming circumstances and take responsibility for your life. You can create the life your heart desires. Create a brilliant future, by seeing all that you perceive to be past mistakes and setbacks as necessary parts of your growth. Start to see everything in your life as a gift designed to help you find your true path In doing this, you will feel empowered, yet there is no need to fear power, for true power is not forceful or aggressive, nor is it ‘perfection.’ True power is simply to stand in your own truth and take full responsibility. We sometimes fear our power because deep inside we know that to step into our own power means we are no longer able to blame others or feel victimized. We find this scary, for in owning our power we realize that we’ve had a large part to play in the experiences we’ve had.  True power is also to love and accept all our seeming imperfections and to work with what we have to the best of our ability at any given moment. True power is to have the courage to just be who you are regardless of what others may think. True power is to have the courage to speak your truth without judgment or fear of being judged.



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