What is an intuitive Empathetic you ask?

This is a very complicated question as there are so many people who have this ability and do not even realize it and the degrees of the ability can vary depending on how intuitive and spiritually evolved you are.  

Some of the common signs that you have Intuitive Empathetic abilities include but are not limited to: walking into a room and being able to feel everyone's emotions, feeling very sick in large crowds, having emotions swirling around in you and you have no idea where they came from, being very sensitive and even crying at the drop of a hat for no apparent reason.

Everyone is unique and usually have some of these signs to a certain degree and usually more but the first thing the angels would like to address with you is that being sensitive and having this ability is very much a gift and they would like you to stop looking at it as a curse. It is a beautiful quality of who you are.

One extreme of this extraordinary ability is allowing yourself to feel and know that you are entitled to your emotions and the consequences of those emotions. I am a full intuitive empathetic and this has impacted my daily life a lot. I have a very difficult time with conflict of any type, especially, with those close to me and when there is conflict I am able to feel not only my emotions but the emotions of that other person as well and oftentimes I end up crying even if it is just a simple dispute or difference of opinions.

Another extreme of being an intuitive empathetic is the simple things in life and instead of being curious you already know what has happened or will happen. For instance, I can be driving home and pass an ambulance or an accident scene and will immediately know the outcome of those events by the emotions I feel. 80% of the time I end up crying because I can feel the pain, hurt and loss from those working the scene.

Do you ever feel like you have all these emotions swirling around in you and affecting your psyche but have trouble digesting why or where they came from? Most likely, you picked them up along your day. Possibly from a co-worker, or the woman working the coffee station, the guy next to you on the subway, or the fellow you passed walking.

In order to prevent I like to work with Archangel Michael. You can ask him to clear and shield your energy and he will! Upon waking in the morning, I like to take five minutes or so and call upon him and ask:

"Archangel Michael, please be with me today; clear and shield my energy and protect me from all negative influences; physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual." Afterwards, envision yourself in a giant bright pink bubble. This bubble will repel all negativity so actually envision the negativity bouncing off of it. Make sure it encircles your entire body as well as your aura/energy fields. Afterwards I like to layer it with white purifying light. You can also add other layers of colors to your shield depending on what you feel the need for. Green for healing, blue for communication, purple for spirituality, yellow for moods, cheer and happiness, red for passion, pale pink for love, etc... This shield will last for about 12 hours so make sure you re-apply it frequently as needed.

Lastly, you can call upon Archangel Jophiel, the Archangel of Beauty to help you throughout the day if you are having a particularly difficult time. Ask her to raise your awareness and to distinguish which are your emotions and which are others and she can also help you discard the ones which are not serving your highest good. She can also uplift your spirits and bring you understanding. Many of us with this ability have a hard time even knowing how we feel about many situations without solitude and reflection time. Take this time for yourself daily...at least 20-30 minutes even if it is just in meditation. You will see an incredible difference!

Do you have other questions about being an intuitive empathetic? Please post them below because chances are if you have that question, so do many others!

Love & Light



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