Soul Mates vs. Twin Flames 

Many people ask what the difference is between soul mates and twin flames so here we go!

Soul Mates are people we interact with in our daily lives who are a part of our spiritual family on the astral planes. We have soul contracts and agreements with them to help each other grow, evolve and learn within this incarnation. The connections with these people will be very strong and when you first meet them you will feel as if you have known them all of your lives; because you have! You have lived many lives in different capacities with these people. Friends, lovers, husbands, wives, children, mother, father, sister, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc... Recognize these people for who they are for it is of the purest love of all that they have come into our lives to help us -- even if later we may feel betrayed, hurt and angry at them. Know that they made a great sacrifice by agreeing to orchestrate and execute these experiences for you because when they agreed to it they felt great sorrow at the hurt and pain it would cause you later. Know that soul mates are not just romantic in nature. They are also platonic, family members, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc...

Twin Flames are the other half of our heart and soul -- they are in essence -- ourselves -- our perfect match. Twin Flames rarely find each other incarnated together romantically unless it is one of your last incarnations on earth. Often our Twin Flames act as our lead spirit guide in our lives or if they are incarnated at the same time they are incarnated on a different planet or in a part of the world where it would take exceptional circumstances for you to find them. Twin Flame relationships are not based off of sex and chemistry but more of a spiritual bond. There can be great passion and love in these relationships but the relationship is so much deeper than that. It is one of pure spirituality and challenging each other to evolve which in turn, makes the relationship feel very impossible and difficult at times. Twin Flames are able to communicate telepathically and automatically know what the other one is thinking and feeling. They are in essence, working in tangent -- as one spirit though in two bodies.



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