Do you follow your intuitive hunches? Or do you ignore them? Did you know when you feel spontaneous urges to do things these are usually divine guidance from your angels and spirit guides to help you progress in your life?

For example, Wednesday night I felt a sudden urge to stop by Goodwill even though it was on the opposite side of town and I avoid it during rush hour because traffic is bad, especially during the week. However, on this evening, I did indeed follow my intuition and upon walking through the store I found a set of oracle cards sitting on a shelf by themselves just waiting for me all for $2! Absolutely nothing wrong with them and they were all there...amazing as I've looked in this store before for oracle cards and other spiritual finds and this is the first time I've ever found anything beyond an angel figurine.

I hope you all will be inspired and will follow your intuition when similar occurrences present themselves to you. Oftentimes, this is how new people, a special book or even special events will happen in our lives!



07/30/2015 4:58am

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03/28/2016 6:41am

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