Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain colors at certain times of your life? This is not just random. The Angels want you to know that your favorite colors change as you grow and evolve. Each color has a representation of a stage but it varies and changes for each individual person because we are all unique. Your intuition combined with your Spirit Guides can let you know why your favorite color is just that if you will ask them.

I remember as a child my favorite color was Red; part of this reason was because it was my Mom’s favorite color but also because to me red represented freedom in my life at this point. The eighties and nineties were a wonderful period to be a child because there was so much self expression and freedom as a child. We played outdoors all day, every day, we rode bikes for miles and didn’t come home until dark. We used our minds to figure out puzzles and create our own games and activities. Nowadays, most children cannot even play in their driveways or on their street without fear of kidnapping or worse.

As I entered my teenage years my favorite color changed from Red to Baby Blue – Sky Blue. This was a very ‘cool’ color at that time but something really drew me to it and I looked for it everywhere I went. I realize now this color represented needing to calm and tone my emotions down. From the time I was 12 until I was 23 I was a very belligerent teenager; always stressed, upset. This color brought me down from that; it was very calm and soothing and allowed me to relax into myself where I needed to be. Baby Blue is also the color of Archangel Haniel and I know she was with me a great deal during these trying years -- especially, in helping me stay out of trouble and centered in peace and calm.

From the time I was 24-27 I fell in love with the color lavender, just a shade different from the baby blue but still a pastel. This color showed me how to stop internalizing so much. For years I had not shown emotion and kept everything bottled inside but this was not working for me anymore. This color encouraged me to express myself, even if it meant going off on a stranger or yelling at a friend but I remember thinking to myself at that time, ‘I could never do that’ but here I am today and all the better for it because I learned to speak my mind.

From the time I was 28 until now I have been very attracted to dark purple and this is because this color represents spirituality. This is the time in my life when I really started exploring who I am, what I am capable of, what I can do, what I want to do with my  life. I found my life purpose and through that, I found myself.

In the last year I am finding myself transitioning from Dark Purple to Pink, this is because my true soul center, my core is opening up and allowing me to express all of the love I have for those around me and even those I haven’t met or will never know. I feel the need to share love with mother earth and most especially, loved ones and I know that in another year or so I will transition out of the purple though it will always be a part of me.

What colors have surrounded your life? What do they mean? You can easily discover just that by sitting down with a notebook and a pen.

1. Close your eyes and clear your mind into a meditative state. After a few minutes think back to your earliest years and what color you fancied the most.

2. Write it down and then ask silently or out loud: ‘Why was this color relevant to me at this time?’

3. Listen with your open mind, write down anything you hear, sense, feel or see. These will be your answers.

Have fun with this exercise and most of all enjoy the journey of discovering who you are and where your soul has been.

Love and Light



06/18/2015 10:26pm

In order to be remembering in the talks of the people we need to do something great or in a new way so that people will be able to remember us for our work. Instead of being in touch with the people and wanted from them to remember you.


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