It was my pleasure in February to attend the Seattle Hay House I Can Do It Conference and be able to meet and listen to Nick Ortner, the author of 2 major books on EFT Tapping, a 3rd written by his sister, Jessica Ortner on EFT Tapping for Weightloss and to experience this amazing technique for myself..

For those unfamiliar with EFT Tapping this is a method of EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) which is done on meridians and allows all of us to release past emotions and beliefs which are influencing our current lives and holding us back from our true potential. EFT Tapping can be used for absolutely anything in our lives and each of the books take you through exactly how to do it as well as create your own statements for tapping to maximize your results.

The first of the three books I started with on my continuing journey of self-love is Jessica Ortner's Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence. This book is simply amazing and touches on all of the different aspects of why so many of us hold on to extra weight on our bodies -- most of us for extra protection from emotions and energy but even from things said to us in childhood or early adulthood that we don't even realize are affecting us today. Jessica takes us on an extrodinary journey of self-discovery with why we continue in these patterns, how we may break them, sample tapping scripts to start you off, examples of others successes and failures and so much more and most powerful of all her own personal experiences of being a young woman overweight and her struggles to overcome them.

Check out this short video with Author, Jessica Ortner as you she takes you through the tapping points for releasing any food cravings you may have today or that you constantly struggle with!

By tapping for just 15 minutes a day we can revolutionize not only the way we look and how we feel about ourselves but also learn to start paying attention to our repetitive thoughts, instinctual patterns and get to the core of our beliefs and be able to reprogram them. This system is not only beneficial to losing weight but to also evolving ourselves in a quick but efficient way by recognizing what we need to work on which puts us into even more touch with who we are, what we are feeling and how to get where we want to be.

So many of you may be asking by now, well how do I get started? EFT Tapping is so simple yet makes so much sense that most don't even believe it will work, but once you start you will definitely be addicted to the technique and the results you will heed. Let's start by talking about meridians and how the EFT Tapping works on these different points.

I, myself, have experienced amazing results with tapping for everything from weight-loss to feeling less stress, to healing medical issues that have cropped up, to learning how to get more in touch with my soul. I highly encourage everyone to give this method a try. Below, I have included a video from Nick Ortner himself to help you understand this amazing technique which will change your life.

Best of all, every year Nick and Jessica Ortner organize and put together a Tapping Summit, completely free for all to attend and listen to some of our most favorite Spiritual Authors and their experiences with Tapping as they teach us new techniques. This Year's Tapping Summit 2016 took place in February and there were so many amazing and wonderful speakers with great tapping scripts and advice. If you missed it, the entire summit was recorded and the first $50,000 is being donated to charity from the profits of the event.  Here is an interview with Jessica and Nick Ortner from the 2013 Summit:

I am going to end this with a few videos below on popular topics in which EFT experts take you through some scripts. I encourage you all to view them and Tap along to get a feel for this beneficial and exciting technique.


~ Love ~ Peace ~ Light ~

Pain Relief

Self - Sabotage

Weight-Loss & Body Confidence

Thank you for stopping in, I think this is an amazing technique and something everyone should have in their toolbox! After you have tried it I would love to hear your feedback about it below! If you have any questions please do post them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

*I make no claims on any of the pictures or videos contained within this blog post. They are used for educational purposes only and each belongs to its creator.

Good Luck & Many Blessings to you all!
Angel numbers are signs from the heavens. Each number has a coordinated message in which the Angels use to communicate messages to us each and every day. These are repetitive numbers and they can be seen everywhere. 

Are you seeing repetitive numbers a lot? These can come in formats such as 11, 222 or 3333. Do you see a multiple number like this over and over? This is a sign from your Angels! How about patterns such as 1212 or 6789?

Some of the most common ways we see these numbers are:

* Clock - Do you often look at the clock every day to see the same time displayed every single day? Do you pay attention to details like this? Do you look at the times on your receipts? If not, start paying attention and you may be surprised at what you find!

* License Plates - Do you look at the license plates of the cars driving in front of you? Especially, pay attention to the cars that cut in front of you or whip out real fast. These are the ones that have the most significant messages.

*Numbers and Messages on Billboards - These can be phone numbers, general numbers or even messages that your angels want you to see.

* Sales Receipts - Look for repetitive numbers or sequences on your sales receipts. These can be in the time you paid for your merchandise, sale prices, total amounts, tax amounts, etc...

*  Addresses and Phone Numbers - Again you may often find repetitive numbers or words in addresses you need to find as well as phone numbers that you may see while driving or doing whatever.

* Date - Pay attention to the date! November and December are very powerful months for receiving messages like this!

Next you ask, what do these numbers mean? How do I know what they are trying to tell me?

The best way to do this is to use your intuition. Focus on the numbers you have been seeing and then ask your guides, what messages do I need to receive about these numbers? Close your eyes, clear your mind and pay attention to any pictures you may see in your mind, thoughts you may hear in your head or emotions you may feel about this.

Here are some general meanings of the repetitive numbers taken from Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers book:

000 - "The Creator is emphasizing this message to you and asks that you pay attention and follow the guidance without delay."

111 - "Pay attention to your repetitive thoughts and ideas, as they're answers to your prayers. This number also signifies a highly creative person who needs to avoid addictive behaviors."

222 - "Your deep conviction manifests miracles and wonderful new opportunities. Keep the faith!"

333 - "Many Ascended Masters surround you and assist you in all ways. They've come to help you with your mission and to answer your prayers. Tune into them now, and ask them any question you wish."

444 - "Many angels are with you now. You can ask these angels to help you with anything that brings peace to you and your loved ones. Don't tell the angels how to fix a situation; just ask them to fix it. The Divine and infinite wisdom of the Creator guides you (through the angels) to a wonderfully ingenious solution."

555 - "Buckle your seat belt, as you're going through (or about to go through) a major positive life change. It's time to let go of that which is no longer working, and allow it to be healed or replaced with something better."

666 - "Keep your thoughts focused Heavenward during this time, and avoid excessive worry or obsession with materiality."

777 - "Congratulations! You're on the right path mentally and physically. Stick to your intentions and stand your ground."

888 - "Great abundance is yours. Prosperity is flowing to you in ever-increasing amounts. Feel grateful, and be sure to pass along the flow to others as you feel guided."

999 - "Get to work, Lightworker! Your Divine life mission is needed now more than ever, and any contribution you can make toward bringing more light and love to your world is imperative. The preparation for your life's work is complete for now."

*For more complete descriptions of pattern numbers please look up Doreen Virtue's 'Angel Numbers' book.

An Angel Guidance board, unlike a Ouija board, allows only spirits of light and love to communicate with you so basically only the Angels and Archangels that are assisting you or the person you are doing a reading for. If you have members of your soul family surrounding you as well such as a deceased relative or friend they are also able to communicate with you as long as they are also of the love and light.

The Angel Guidance board is a lot more flexible in getting down to earth answers about your life than Oracle cards however, the Angel board can be used with or without oracle cards in conjunction with the board to gain further information on the topic you are inquiring about. Most of my customers use the 'yes & no' category as well as the 'when will it happen' category the most. However, don't expect to get an answer that is correct to every single question you ask the Angels either. There are some aspects of our lives which will change depending on the path we take and the decisions we choose. We all have free will and the Angels will not interfere with this unless its a matter of life and death and it is not our time. We are all here to serve a mission we setup for ourselves before we reincarnated. The Angels are merely here to assist and guide us to the completion of this mission.

How does it work?

(1) The Angel Guidance Board comes with 4 angel markers in separate colors of purple, blue, yellow and green.

(2) There are also two crystal dice: crystals are well known for retaining an individual's energy or the individual who is being read for. Crystals have high vibrations, therefore it is much easier to connect with the Angels and allow them to send us their information about how we can best follow our soul path.

(3) Have an angel marker on one or more categories which relate to your question; each category has an Archangel assigned to it which correlates with the specific areas in your life which the Archangels assist you with.

(4) State your situation or question, mentally or physically, to the Archangel(s) with the dice in your hand and roll them.

(5) The number that comes up is the number of times you move your angel marker(s) on the category or categories for your answer starting with the square which has the Archangel(s) name.

Why should I pay for a reading?

The board is easy enough for anyone to use however when using divine objects of communication it is always best to be educated about the devices before using them. Also, any Angel Healer will be familiar with using protection prayers and will have psychic skills. Using these skills you will be able to get much more information from the Angels regarding your situation. This board is a wonderful tool to ask the Angels how to develop your own psychic skills as well...perhaps you will be an Angel healer someday!

The Angel board has twelve total categories: all categories have one or more Archangels assigned to them as well as eleven possible answers. The categories and answers for each section are as follows:

Romance Angels
  • Friendship
  • Soul mate
  • Patience
  • Very soon
  • Maybe
  • Romance
  • Healing Heart
  • Retreat
  • Marriage
  • Sexuality
  • Forgive

Life Purpose:
AA Michael

  • Teacher
  • Environment
  • The Arts
  • Music
  • Healer
  • Technical
  • Support
  • Writer/Journalist
  • Children
  • Advocate
  • Spirituality & Love

AA Raphael
  • Forgive
  • Prayer
  • Detox
  • Miracle
  • Improvements
  • Surrender & Release
  • Sleep
  • Healer
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Stress Management

Yes or No:
AA Azrael
  • Yes
  • Of Course
  • Unlikely
  • Definitely
  • Yes
  • No
  • Wait
  • Strong Possibility
  • Maybe
  • Yes
  • No
AA Ariel

  • Windfall
  • Organize
  • Invest
  • Barter/Trade
  • Save
  • Ask for More
  • Moonlighting
  • Successful Deal
  • Cut Your Expenses
  • Increased Income
  • Debt Paid

AA Gabriel & Metatron

  • Praise
  • Positive Change
  • Nature
  • Structure
  • Love
  • Play
  • Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children
  • Sensitivity Issue
  • Nutrition
  • Angels
  • School

Spiritual Path: AA Uriel
  • Faith
  • Meditation
  • Support Group
  • Source
  • Forgiveness
  • Simplify
  • Open Heart
  • Gratitude
  • Learn & Study
  • Journal & Write
  • Nature

AA Jeremiel

  • Winter
  • Within 1 Year
  • Free Will
  • Summer
  • Within 5 Years Time
  • Autumn
  • Change
  • Spring
  • This Week
  • Next Year
  • Very Soon
AA Chamuel

  • Healer
  • Finances
  • Mentor
  • Self-Employment
  • Education
  • Career Change
  • Promotion
  • Resign
  • Partner
  • Business
  • Creativity

Family & Friends: AA  Raguel

  • Self-Care
  • Spirituality
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Let Go
  • Love
  • New
  • Gratitude
  • Time
  • Fun
  • Compassion

Psychic Development:
AA Raziel & Haniel
  • Intuition & Clairsentience
  • Chakras
  • Ideas & Insights
  • Breathe, Relax & Let Go
  • Lifestyle
  • Dreams
  • Meditation
  • Crystals
  • Trust
  • Visions
  • Past Life

AA  Jophiel

  • South
  • Positive Expectations
  • Patience
  • East
  • Research
  • Savings
  • North
  • Surrender & Release
  • West
  • Feng Shui
  • Move