Everyone new to Essential Oils is bound to ask why Essential Oils and not what I have been using my entire life? Why should I spend so much money on what seems a little quantity when what I have works? These are great questions and I asked myself the same thing when I began looking into Essential Oils!

For me, the journey began because my entire life my body has been super sensitive to all chemicals and medications. I have to be extremely careful of what I put on it and into it to avoid life threatening complications. I have endured anaphylactic shock several times as well as severe eczema, psoriasis and more during my 35 years.

Even people without these types of sensitivities and allergies should consider switching to Essential Oils for their health. Sadly, today all of our medications from pharmacies and regular doctors are altered chemically to induce the desired effects they want us to have…the more side effects, the more medicine we need, and I was shocked to learn this.

I immediately began working with Naturopathic doctors and I will never go back – these doctors are amazing and do everything they can to ensure you get the care you need with what mother nature has provided us with from essential oils to natural supplements — some will even recommend crystal healing, meditations, etc… and it all works! And I feel like myself without complicated medications dragging me down.

The wonderful benefits of Essential Oils is the amazing benefits you get just not for what you are treating or healing, but also all of the additional bonus healing effects. For instance, you may treat your depression with a Citrus or Orange essential oil but along the way you may also get protection against environmental and seasonal threats, an enhanced immune system, more energy, clarity of mind and a detoxifying agent just to name a few, there are many more benefits!

So what exactly are Essential Oils? I personally use all Doterra products because they are 100% pure, natural therapeutic grade essential oils and many of them can be ingested safely — most brands you cannot ingest, you only use topically so make sure you read the directions for each one before using.

Essential Oil compounds are carefully extracted from plants and if they are CPTG certified they do not contain any artificial ingredients, harmful chemicals, fillers or anything that would dilute their healing. They are also free of all contaminants, pesticides or any kind of chemical residue. Depending on the oil you are looking at the oil could have been extracted from any of the compounds of the plant: seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers or any other part of the plant. For more information on this DoTerra has a wonderful video on Youtube about it and youtube has many wonderful essential oil videos from other companies and people as well. There are many different Essential Oil Companies including Young Living and several brands you can buy in the store.

Beginning to use Essential Oils is intuitively simplified, and extremely easy. First of all, ask yourself what you want to heal or use the oils for and then find out which oils are the best for that particular issue. The internet is full of information on which oils work best for what symptoms, ailments, etc... and most of them are from people who have used them for that specific use. Most of the time, if you don’t have a particular oil on hand either Lavender or Peppermint will help you until you can get the correct oil to speed up the process. These two are go-to oils for all of us and are used a lot!

A few years ago I threw everything in my medicine cabinet except bandages, first aid supplies, etc… everything was outdated anyways…another great benefit about the essential oils -- they do not expire for 10+ years. Now I have a shelf or two of essential oils, natural supplements and first aid supplies.

I quit getting the flu shot 5 years ago and while using oils for immune support I have never gotten sick during the winter! Now, I am no doctor so I am not telling you to quit getting your flu shot but this is what is best for me and has worked for me. 2 years ago my sister came home to visit from the Navy and picked up a super bug flu in the airport and brought it home to share with my parents — I have never seen them so sick and they needed a lot of care. I was worried I might catch this and have nobody to care for me so I started taking double doses of my oils — this flu spread throughout my family quickly and everyone eventually came down with it except me.

I recently put together a family physician first aid kit for my car for when I travel. Now it’s not recommended to keep oils in your car all of the time because extreme cold or extreme heat can affect the oils …rather I always have a few in my purse…whatever I am using at the time daily.

I use Essential Oils everyday not only in my personal life for health of body, mind and soul but also in my professional life as an Angel and Energy Healer! Essential oils are wonderful to add to crystal grids, many are used to clear energy and in energy healing sessions. Certain oils will balance your chakras, help you focus more, allow you to meditate easier. Diffusing essential oils after a hard or difficult day is one of the best treats in the world and will allow you to relax and calm down and enjoy the rest of your afternoon and/or evening.

Everything included in this blog belongs to me and are my personal experiences and personal opinion. I am in no way stating that essential oils from any company are better or worse than others or that you should use them instead of what your doctor has prescribed. That is a decision you must make for yourself. I do not make any claims that the essential oils will fully heal you or take care of a symptom. The information included in this blog is for informational use only.

For more details also please do check out my websites if you are interested in more information! Doterra and Angelz Messages

Nature has given us everything we need to survive although most of us have forgotten this. I've gone back to the basics because five years ago I looked like a walking medical case. Western Medicine has never worked very well for me. My internal and external organs are extremely sensitive to chemicals, additives and yes, even medications. I had hives all up and down my body constantly -- I went to doctors, specialists, everyone and they could not help me. It wasn't until I started hearing about essential oils and how chemicals affected some people that I knew this was a message meant for me. That same week I threw away and gave away all personal care products with chemicals in them - shampoos, perfumes, makeup, toiletries, lotions, etc and went out and bought organic and natural products. Within a week my skin had completely cleared up! I was amazed and I haven't had any issues since then except for medication allergies -- which I am now also switching out for Essential Oils and  more natural solutions.
There is an essential oil for every medical condition out there! Some like the convenience of western medicine or knowing that they went to someone to get treated. Others of us like to treat ourselves and know we are doing so in healthy and organic ways. In fact, 90% of Doctors have admitted that they would NOT take most of the medications themselves or even give them to their family. They would seek alternative methods. But if everyone used Essential Oils, there would be very little need for Doctors :) However, this does not mean you should go and throw away everything in your medicine cabinet. It needs to be gradual and you need to figure out what works best for you if you intend to take this step.
I have had several people ask in the last week what they can do naturally for dry and itchy skin and also for a dry and itchy scalp. These are common winter issues. When the climate changes from warm and humid to dry and cold our physical bodies experience these symptoms. My remedy for this is quick and easy and also feels like a special treat -- there is nothing better in my life than a nice hot bath! So why not feel like you are in a spa while taking care of these uncomfortable symptoms?
Draw a hot bath and after it has run use a melon baller to spread coconut oil into the water. I like to use the larger end of the melon baller and I fill it twice running it all over the bath water. I then rinse the tool off by mixing the oil in the water for a minute.
Next add 10 drops each of DoTerra's Melaleuca Essential Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Swish the water one more time to mix everything up and its time to get in!
Try to stay in for at least ten or 15 minutes -- the longer the better because your skin is absorbing the oils. Lay your head down in the tub and let it rest with your hair underwater for at least a minute or two.

When your hair dries it is going to feel oily but this is good because all of those oils are seeping into your pores and healing your skin. Allow your hair to dry with the oils in them at least overnight. When you get up the next morning, take a shower and wash your hair as you normally would. You will notice that your skin feels incredible and your head no longer itches. If the symptoms come back, repeat. You can't overdose yourself on essential oils. You can use them as often as you like!
Also, in case you didn't know a coconut oil bath is a natural way to shave arms and legs ladies! I have not bought shaving cream in over two years and the coconut oil bath works better than any shaving cream or gel I ever tried!

By the way, if you are interested in DoTerra's products, would like more information or to place an order you are welcome to visit my website or to contact me personally to place a wholesale order! DoTerra's Essential Oils are #1 Internationally because they are purely organic. Many of their oils can even be ingested which is virtually unheard of with other companies! I believe in their products and use them every day and I would recommend them to everyone!
I have been guided to begin sharing my wonderful healings through the angels and through their miraculous mother nature cures and so we begin.

Archangel Raphael comes to me often when things are not working for me medicine wise and because I work closely with him a lot. I ask him each and every night to please heal me in all ways .... whatever needs the most attention and I always feel better in the morning no matter what has happened in the previous day or how I was feeling upon going to bed.

Lately, I have been guided to work on my seasonal allergies issues. I have had terrible seasonal allergies since I was a child and my parents also have really bad seasonal allergies. For ten years, I was put on a different medicine every year because the one I was taking would become ineffective until I started taking Flonase about five years ago. It has worked for me up until this year. While it still continues to help half way it is definitely not as effective as it used to be.

Recently, I went to a Meetup in Pennsylvania where I was able to experience the wonderful effects of DoTerra Essential Oils first hand and I have to say I am still stunned and amazed. I was offered a peppermint beadlet and also a few drops of the breathe oil and the effects were instantaneous. For the first time in months I felt like I could breathe! I bought some peppermint oil on the spot to use on my allergies and I have been symptom free minus a few sneezes here and there which are nature's way of helping us to rid ourselves of toxicity here and there.

I will never go back to western medicine for allergies! No more ineffective medicines, feeling drowsy, and other side effects. I have no use for those. Mother Nature has given us all we need and I intend to use her products rather than to bankrupt myself trying to keep up with new medicines.

My goal: within a year my medicine cabinet will be essential oils and all the Over-the-Counter meds will be history. No more expiration dates and wasting time, money, or products!

I hope you too will try the amazing effects of Mother Nature!

If you are interested in purchasing any essential oils from a company who is renowned for having the most pure essential oils please contact me about placing an order either through my website at retail price or in my monthly order and receive my wholesale price! I promise, you will not be disappointed!