Your Crystal Allies have messages for you this week!

Please do set your intention for the reading and then choose the card(s) you are most drawn to for that answer. The first card you feel pulled to is usually the right one for you. Don't second guess yourself, allow your Higher Self to speak through you and your intuition.

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Crystal Ally #1

Crystal Ally #2

Crystal Ally #3

Crystal Ally #4

Happy Wednesday!
I have included your Crystal Ally Messages for the week below!

Crystal Ally Message #1



When Golden Topaz enters your life, you are being told to take a close look at the way you use your intentions to create your reality. Golden Topaz carries the Golden ray. Divine Truth and its illumination will reveal to you where you need to place your attention in order to create the reality you want. Golden Topaz is asking you to look at where you may be misusing your intention, either willfully or unconsciously.

We can willfully misuse our intention by attempting to mislead others about our motives and wishes. When we do this, we shut out the Divine Light of creation, resulting in confused and unpleasant manifestations. Unconscious misuse of intention occurs when we have deep feelings of unworthiness and a lack of self love. When this is the situation, we create experiences that prove our own self-abusive attitudes.

Either of these situations can be rectified and healed by invoking the energy of Golden Topaz, and learning the true motivations behind your actions and creations. When you become clear in your intent, your reality will reflect the Golden ray of Divine Truth and your true joy will become manifest. Allow Golden Topaz to aid you in your process of self discovery.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Affirmation: I intend to manifest joy.

Crystal Ally Message #2



The appearance of Ruby as your ally signals a time of renewed energy in your life. Ruby speaks of the need to experience the first chakra's primal and potent energy. Practice breathing in through the base of your spine, drawing a cord of energy up through your body and out the crown of your head. Connect with the elements of earth and fire, encouraging their energies to rise through you and transform any blockages you may be holding.

The appearance of Ruby can also signal a time of reconnecting with the forces of ritual and magic. When the energies of your first chakra are open and flowing, your store of usable energy is vast. By channeling this energy into current situations or projects you can create magical transformations in your life. Be aware of how you are applying this energy however. Using it to manipulate or attach to others will backfire. Draw your energy upward and extend it outward from your higher chakras so that it can be directed by the higher mind.

Chakra: Root

Affirmation: I allow the Life Force within me to rise and strengthen my body and mind.

Crystal Ally Message #3



When Garnet appears in your life, it is reminding you to open your eyes to the bounty and prosperity that is being offered to you by the Universe. The Earth is the perfect vehicle for providing you with all that you could need to survive and thrive in physical form. Ask for what you need, and acknowledge that this, or something even better, will be given to you.

The illusion of scarcity was created by humanity as an outgrowth of the illusion of separation. In truth, there is enough prosperity and wealth to ensure that every human's needs are met. It is only through your own ideas of scarcity that you staunch the flow of prosperity into your life. When you accept the prosperity of the Universe, you are able to bear witness to the bounty of your birthright as a child of the Divine Creator.

Garnet is calling you to accept the gifts that have been set before you. Acknowledge those that you have received with gratitude, and affirm your belief in a prosperous and bountiful Universe for all beings.

Chakra: Root

Affirmation: I receive abundance through all channels of the Universe.

Crystal Ally Message #4



Selenite is speaking of your response-ability to your purpose. It is time for you to take your response-ability and apply it to the new awareness you are beginning to embody. Selenite above all other allies creates resonance in our energy and body that initiates in us a time of renewed connection to the Divine. Through our creations, body, speech and emotions, Selenite will aid you in expressing the Divine in each moment.

Selenite may also be signaling a period of renewed connection to your Higher Self. The ability to move the energy of the Divine through the vehicle of your physical body is an important part of being physical. Selenite is alerting you that it is time to begin developing the physical vehicle your inhabit, so that it can carry even higher frequencies of energy onto the Earth plane. You may need to change your diet, exercise habits, or other lifestyle choices which may be affecting your ability to carry high frequency energy through your physical being. Pat attention to the signals that you receive from your Higher Self. They will lead you to changes that are most beneficial to you at this time.

Chakra: Crown through Root

Affirmation: I am a reflection on Earth of the Divine Spirit in Heaven.

Please do comment below and let me know how your card choices went in relation to your life. You may share as much or as little as you wish.
Happy Holidays!

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