Today's Date translates into: #11

The Angel #11: Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others, and this situation.

I felt guided today to address all of the fear energy, hate, anger and negativity that is coming out with the results of the United States of America's Election last night. I know many people are scared, holding fear and reacting out of those emotions. Disappointment is understandable but many are violently reacting to this piece of history and so I have asked asked the Planets Guardians how we can move forward from this and their answer was this:

Angel #49: The Angels urge you to get to work on your major goals and life purpose without delay. Ask them to help you with ideas, courage and motivation.


Neutral observation from a distance; Keep your perspective and objectivity.

Most people see the world through a personal lens. They closely identify with their feelings and experiences -- so much so that they come to believe that these are the only reality. There are times when you need distance in order to gain perspective and understand your circumstances from a more neutral vantage point. Now is one of those times in your life. This is a perfect moment for you to begin to do some exploring. Instead of only considering yourself, consider what you need to understand about the conditions, people, culture, and environment you're engaged with now. You'll be so happy you did. Illumination is the miracle you seek and will indeed find.


It is an advantageous time for you to get some distance from what you're doing and see your work and your projects from a different perspective. The trick is to connect to the essence of your goals and aspirations while letting the form and timing be dictated by Spirit. You may be too personally attached to an outcome and unable to see the miracle because its not turning out exactly as you planned. Trust Spirit. The perfect version of your abundance is right in front of you. Remain neutral and curious, and watch the miracle unfold.

Relationship Message

Sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees in your way. Feelings can get all jumbled up, and often you hear one thing when a person says another. It can be like an echo of an unresolved past experience dubbed over your conversation. Take time out before you react. It's likely the other person has no idea how his or her words have affected you. Take a few steps back and lend understanding to the situation. Have faith in your connection and trust that you can come together. Take to higher ground now and cultivate curiosity and what you observe in yourself, in others, and in the landscape. You will find things much improved sooner than you know.

Protection Message

Ever think sometimes your life options are suction-cupped to your face and you can't see beyond yourself? There's a big world out there - a multitude of potential realities that you're unable to perceive at present. So you're a little stuck? It's time to get advice from someone you trust, someone who has a better perspective on your circumstances. Other points of view are needed now before you move forward. Take heart! A beautiful vista is waiting for you to drink it in. You just need a little help widening your scope beyond your small 'self.'

This is a message of love and of healing, many of you don't believe that the man the people chose to become our new President is one that can unify and heal the nation. The world still needs our prayers, our light, our love and our energy.

The Planets Guardians revealed to me that there will be many truths coming to light in the next few months and they ask us now, more than any other time, to continue sending love and light to everyone on the planet as well as Mother Earth herself. Pray that our leaders and Congress serve the highest good of all of the people.

They ask that we stay centered in love and light and to remember that we are all perfect beings of love and light, perfect in the eyes of our Creator and perfect in the eyes of all divine love and light beings. We are all here to learn and grow so please support all of us, including our new President in his duties, to do what is best for the the Country.

Archangel Michael has shown me that he has put up a huge energy field around the United States of America. It shows pure white light going in and cleansing and blasting us with powerful and good energy, helping to dissolve fear and transmute all of the waves of negativity affecting so many at this time.

I also see another ring of energy around the rest of the planet, providing support and encouragement to all other countries at this time. Many support the transition of Presidency but there are some who hold fear on what it will mean for their country. Our Angels want us to know that a massive wave of healing will be sweeping over all of us in the coming week; invite the energy in and enjoy it.

I invite everyone to please take a step back from all of this energy today, take time for yourself, to process and understand what it is you really feel about the elections, what your fears are and to address them. Reprogram them if necessary. Be objective. Our Planet's Guardians ask us to step up and send love and light to all of our Country's leaders and support them with the love and light only we can send them in the hopes of bringing about the changes we need to become more unified, compassionate and loving towards one another. We are all here to learn to love more perfectly.

Sending you all waves of positive energy, healing, love and light!