How many of you truly listen to your intuition and the Divine Guidance sent to you on a daily basis?

I know for me, it is a necessary part of my day. It has saved me from countless accidents while driving as well. For instance, yesterday I was driving on the interstate and here in West Virginia very few people actually use their blinkers. Apparently, we are all supposed to be psychic!

As I was driving I saw this tan dodge ram truck next to me in one of the other lanes and immediately I knew he was going to get over. I sensed that I should slow down a tad and put some distance between us and sure enough, as soon as I did, he got over into my lane without looking or even putting a blinker on.

Make sure when you get into your vehicle that you ask your angels to protect you, your passengers and all who are driving around you throughout the day. Because of where I live, I also include the wildlife that may be around me unbeknownst as well.