Music has a very high vibration and is used in numerous ways by our Archangels, Angels and Guardian Angels to communicate all kinds of messages to us. Most of the time they will use a song you hear frequently to convey messages to you. Have you ever gotten in the car only to have the same song playing each time you turn on the radio? Or maybe a friend keeps mentioning a song they love -- different friends even - they may recommend the song to you. You will probably hear this song playing a lot: in the car, shopping in a store, in an office building (doctors office or other professional services). Some have even experienced the song playing on the television or the radio in their home when they had not even turned these items on! However, the messages are sent to you, your Angels are trying to communicate to you. Listen to their messages and take their advice. Look up the song lyrics for the song if you are a visual person -- often you will know exactly what they are trying to tell you as you read them. Then, take a few moments to ask them to help you get the most out of this message. Ask them if they have any additional messages for you and sit in silence. Afterwards, ask for angelic assistance in putting these messages to work in your life and they will be happy to do so!

Love & Light