“Decisions are vital and important at this time on the planet. Please, stop procrastinating. Yes, there are many changes occurring but now is the time for action. These changes are for the greater good, your highest good as well as that of all concerned. Know this, that as the planets change thus so do we because of the energies, because of our need to evolve and grow. We are in a time of very high vibrations as dimensions are crossed over into our veil. This is a time of great transitions but also of great strengths. Everyone needs to call upon these stores of strength we have put into reserve. Make the energies work for you in a positive way by ridding yourself of all fears.

Know that if someone, something, or a situation walks way from you or is taken away, it will be replaced by something better tenfold.

Follow through on your decisions.

Stand firm in your beliefs and make no compromises.

You are beautiful, gorgeous even, in your own right. Continue to shine your light out and upon the world. There is a great need for it – there is a great need for you and your purpose here. Share your love and your light always!"

~Angel Vanessa~