"Focus Upon Your Strengths - This is a reminder for you to focus upon your strengths and not upon any perceived weaknesses. Your strengths include your loving heart, pure intentions, people skills, hobbies, or something that you excel in. Even if your talents sill need polishing, these are strengths and assets. The more you bless and appreciate your strengths, the stronger they'll grow. If you focus upon so called weaknesses, they will grow. This card comes to you as a reminder of the importance of viewing yourself with compassion and love. Anytime you find yourself thinking or feeling poorly about yourself, focus upon your strengths instead.

Apollo is the Greek Sun God who's the son of Zeus and twin brother of the Goddess Artemis. Apollo is a powerful deity who can bring out the sunshine in your life, literally and figuratively. Renowned for his physical strength, Apollo can also act as a personal trainer to motivate your exercise program. He can also help you to gain emotional and intellectual strength." -- From Doreen Virtue's Book 'Ascended Masters'

"Strength is within you no matter what you feel or think. You are stronger than what even you know. The most difficult challenges bring you the most growth so please view these times as a blessing and not a curse. You are being rewarded at these times for making so much progress in your soul's evolution know that we Ascended Masters are always with you and working behind the scenes to assist you . Our assistance is very strong but it can be strengthened if you call on us by name and tell and specifically ask for our assistance with details. The Divine works very closely with and through us, for you because you were strong enough and brave enough to reincarnate and take on all of these challenges and lessons. Know that we all on the spirit place greatly honor and respect you for this sacrifice.

I ask that you realize that true strength lies within you, in your heart to shower others with forgiveness, within your mind to remain focused and positive, within your emotions to always show others kindness and joy, within your soul acquiescing to the knowledge that you have the tools at your disposal to get through the tribulations. Remember, you are never alone and when you feel this is in error please come outdoors and there I will be. Look up at the Sun and find me showering my love and strength down upon you. I will infuse you with energy, motivation and strength to keep pursuing your lessons and desires. Always remember, I am there; there I am."