Did you know that as we go through our lives, the things that we feel deja vu with or are drawn to intuitively are signs from our soul? Yes! Your soul is speaking directly to you, trying to let you know that you have been there before, you have lived this before!

Have you often wondered why you feel such a kinship to certain things in your life? Most of us have a special era in history we are very drawn to in more ways than one, or a particular city or country we would really love to visit. Even our favorite foods are influenced by our past lives!

For instance, from the time I was a small child I loved Western Movies. As a kid watched all of the John Wayne westerns, grew up on Bonanza, Little House on the Prairies, The Rifleman, High Chaparral, The Big Valley, Clint Eastwood movies, etc.... The Old west has always held great appeal for me -- interestingly enough on both ends of the spectrum -- I have always felt great empathy for the Native Americans and angered at how they were mistreated. I found out why when I began my spiritual journey. I have lived at least five lives in the Old West -- these were all very difficult lives -- two of them as pioneers and three of them as Native Americans. Have you ever stopped to think about why you are drawn to a particular era in your life? What era was it? Why? Perhaps it's time to find out!

In my early 20's I felt very drawn to the southwestern states and ended up living in Arizona for awhile and absolutely loved it, I felt like I was home -- which very much resonates with a past life of myself as a Comanche Warrior in the Old West. My spirit went through much healing in this time in my life for I felt drawn to the beauty of the desert and took walks out in the wild almost every evening. When I would return I would feel cleansed, rejuvenated and ready to relax for the evening.

What about foods? What kind of ethnic foods do you enjoy most? Mexican? Greek? Italian? American? French? Asian? Japanese? Chinese? Etc... In this incarnation I am most drawn to Italian food and there is a reason for that -- I have seen 3 lives that I have lived at various points in history in Italy! This is also the one country I would love to visit someday. I know that if I have the opportunity to do so, I will be able to do even more cleansing of my soul as I release more past lives. I also love to cook and bake which is very much an Italian trait. Why do you think you are drawn to the foods you love the most? What happened in those lives that are influencing your present life?

We can also discover past lives through books or television. Recently, I started watching a miniseries about the Middle Ages and I started crying and hyperventilating -- this is a form of releasing past lives. I am already aware that my soul is a very old...she has been on Earth since the beginning of time -- I have seen her first life -- even before the Dinosaurs were here -- and the Middle Ages were some of the hardest times to live -- in this incarnation I avoided all speak and teachings about the middle ages if I could and I never stopped to ask myself why? Now I know! It's time to explore some past lives in this time period. What types of things are you drawn to through books and television? Why?

Once you have the details of that past life how do you heal it? There are several ways to do this:

-- you may have a professional intuitive assist you with this but keep in mind that ultimately it is up to you and your soul to do the work. The intuitive can certainly bring in the entities most helpful to help you do this and move the energy around to assist in the process but we can't actually do it for you. However, we can manipulate intentions, energy and speak to angels, guides, ascended masters, goddesses, etc and ask them for their assistance in the work.

Another way to heal a past life is to call on your angels and ask them to help you heal it. By doing this you are putting out the intention to the universe that you want to heal it and let it go. This is especially powerful upon going to sleep.

Yet another way to do this is through energy work -- your own or by a professional energy healer. They can move the energy around, clear out your chakras as well as any resonating energy from that particular life and the angels will help to transmute that energy in the heavens. You can also surround yourself as you see yourself in that life in white light with the intention of healing this past life.

This is why we are here -- to learn, grow, experience but also to cleanse, release and let go of that which no longer serves us -- from our current incarnation as well as previous incarnations. What are you being guided to release in your life at this time? Are you willing to let these things go or are you holding onto them in fear? Ask for help in this!

Kim R asked, "Who can I trust to be a true friend?"

Uniting with the Angelic Self

You have a special spiritual relationship with the angelic worlds. Part of your Soul purpose is to birth angelic consciousness and values such as fearlessness, compassion and service, into this human culture. This Oracle brings you angelic assistance and intervention, and confirmation that any impressions you may have had that you belong not only to the human kingdom but also to the angelic one, are correct.

You have a special spiritual relationship with the angelic worlds and are helping to birth angelic qualities of fearlessness, light, service to the greater good and alignment of Divine Will into human form. This is no small task and although you are well equipped to succeed, there are beings that wish to assist you so that they may grow too and your success may be more graceful and swift. Goddess Isis, Divine winged mother, goddess and angel of healing, wishes to assist you with unconditional love now.

You are guided to accept angelic assistance and ask for Lady Isis who loves you unconditionally to assist you with integrating angelic energies into your consciousness and life. You will be asked to lift yourself up to higher and higher vibrational states of awareness and this may mean letting o of certain relationships, practices or states of being or even particular habits or thought patterns that would lower your vibration into fear, doubt or shame. Give yourself permission to just let this happen. You do not need to force anything. It is a matter of softening, allowing and trusting what feels right for you with absolute faith and bold, radical acceptance. It will be OK!

There are others like you on this planet, beloved initiate. Though ar from the majority, you occupy a special role in the evolution of human consciousness as it connects more deeply and twines with the natural world. The more you accept this part of you, the more you shall draw into your world others like you. You will just feel comfortable with each other, because you all hold a similar refined vibration. Even in the midst of ordinary, everyday relationship, there is a sense of easy connection, mutual understanding and spiritual acknowledgement.

This Oracle is also a confirmation that if you have been asking to connect with your angel, praying to a particular angel or archangel, or have been thinking more about angels lately, that genuine connection has been made between you and the angelic kingdom. The angels send you love and peace now and say, 'We are with you, beloved one.'

Ritual of the Wings of Isis

You can use a feather for this exercise, or a small crystal.

Sit quietly and connect with your breath. Feel the breath flowing in through the body and out into the Earth.

Say, 'I honor the light in this sacred body of mine, this body that belongs to light and nature, this body that contains the angelic consciousness of Divine Love.'

Feel where your body connects with the earth (even through the cushion or seat upon which you are sitting, even if you are many stories high above the Earth). Intend to feel the connection, the light and energy in your body that connects you to earth.

Breathe in and out again, feeling the breath flowing deeply out of the back of your heart chakra, in your upper back, and out through the crown of your head.

Say, 'I honor the wings of light and life, that allow my body and Soul to take flight, to live as angel and human upon this Earth, in service of love and peace and power.'

Feel the breath flowing in and out of the heart chakra, especially at the back now. Feel it flowing as wings out of your upper back. Just let there be expansiveness and a feeling of great natural extension and space.

When you are ready, say, 'I call upon the angelic forces of light, within and in the celestial realms, and I call upon Divine Love, unconditional love, help me activate the angel within, with grace, with light, with Divine Compassion, of my own free will, I allow this to be, in unconditional love for all humanity.'

Breathe in and out and rest your awareness in your heart. Just feel the light and peace and beauty in your heart, underneath any fear, doubt or insecurity, it is just there. Rest in that awareness for a moment.

Bring your attention now to your sacred object on the ground before you -- your crystal or feather. Move your right hand so it hovers lightly above the object. With your left hand on your heart say aloud, 'I ask that the blessings of Isis, on the wings of Isis, through the healing power of Isis, come to me now. Fill this sacred object with our beauty, dear Angel Goddess, that every time I see it, I may remember the angel within me.

Be aware of the energy flowing from your heart to the object, and when you are ready, place the object in a special place where you can notice it often.

As you place it down, lightly touch it with your right hand and say, 'Whenever I see you I will remember that I am angel true, that angels love and assist me, and Isis is with me too.'

Close your eyes for a moment and take a breath in and out, and when you are ready, just open your eyes.


You can say this incantation to call upon angelic intervention and to assist if you are having trouble integrating your angelic consciousness, which you may notice if you are feeling resistance, doubt, fear or despair.

Angel Goddess Wings of White
Help my Angelic Soul take flight
I call upon Angelic intervention
Align my life with Divine perfection
My Soul and inner Angel are one
In my body integration has begun
Angel Goddess Wings of Love
You protect me from below and above.

It's not about trusting others at this time. Your angels want you to know it's about trusting yourself. They want you to know that you are a mirror that reflects and attracts back the qualities in yourself which you find lacking. Right now you are having a hard time trusting others but you are also going through a period of learning to trust yourself and taking the relationship you have with yourself to a new level. Goddess Isis is working with you on this.

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