A wonderful guide with out of the box ideas on how to forgive, let go and get past those things we all need to stop carrying around with us in order to feel peaceful.

Have you ever tried so very hard to forgive that indiscretion? How about trying to get rid of all those nasty burdens and bad memories you carry around with you? There are some things that are just too tough to let go of without finding a creative way to do it that works for you. Sometimes, letting go of the past is not as easy and you think but fear not, there is a solution!

The forgiveness conflict is a process of identifying the grievance and then finding a way of forgiving those who have offended, hurt, angered or upset you in throughout your life, whether it be large or small. It is highly recommended you include yourself on the list of people you want to forgive because most of the time everyone forgets to forgive themselves and this is a very important step in the process!
Repairing your Relationships These methods are all ideas that I have either read about in my spiritual research, divinely inspired thoughts received to me from my spirit guides or ways I have come up with that have worked for me in the forgiveness process.

Method #1: Create a God Box: Find a special box (buy or create one) where you can lock your worries away and not get them back. Anything you are worrying about or stressing about, write it on a piece of paper and then release it to God and the Angels by locking it in your God Box never to be seen again, trusting that it is being taken care of.

Method #2: Create a Letter Box: Write a letter to a person or several people whom you need to forgive and pour out your feelings to them in this letter. Be very specific and get everything out. Then mail it to the person by placing it in your special box and asking that person's Angels to see that they get it so they are able to move on from the situation as well.

Method #3: Write a letter to a specific person's guardian angels or spirit guides and tell them exactly what you are upset about, why you feel this way and that you would like to release these feeling and the situation into their hands so that they may help their charge forgive and move on as well.

Intense Forgiveness: To accomplish this exercise, choose a quiet but comfortable place where you will be undisturbed and free from distractions. This may take up to an hour or two to complete from beginning to end so allow yourself plenty of time.

Step #1: First of all make a list of all of the names of people who have hurt, upset, offended, angered, irritated or betrayed you and put their grievances next to their name if you feel this is necessary. Include people who are of the spirit world now as well, this is very important. Go as far back as your childhood if you need to but make sure you get everyone's name on the list! You can also list these things for pets and add your own name to the list or make a separate list for forgiving yourself.

Step #2: Go through, one by one, and forgive each person on your list. As you are doing this close your eyes and imagine the person standing before you as you do this. You may use your own words however, as a personal choice, I like to use Doreen Virtue's words, "I forgive [name of person] and I release you. I hold no unforgiveness back. My forgiveness for you is total. I am free and you are free." Allow yourself to feel this burden lift from you and float into the air as you release the grievance as well as the person. Visualize yourself letting this go and truly being happy about it. Do this for each and every person on your list.

Step #3: Notice any feelings, sensations, thoughts, etc... that you may have and write those down as well for a complete learning experience. After forgiving the last person sit and close your eyes, ask yourself how you feel and write about it.

Step #4: Finally, express your gratitude that you are able to let these things and people go and feel your spirit soar free now that it is not so burdened down!