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Please do set your intention for the reading and then choose the card(s) you are most drawn to for that answer. The first card you feel pulled to is usually the right one for you. Don't second guess yourself, allow your Higher Self to speak through you and your intuition.

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Return to Spirit #1
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Happy Wednesday!
I have included your Return to Spirit Messages for the week below!

Return to Spirit ~ Card #1 ~


The Union card represents the energy of two loving souls coming together in union or in partnership. If a current relationship is in question, then this card indicates a positive energy involved. This card can represent the beginning of a new relationship, or one that is about to start. Most often, the Union card represents intimate relationships. However, it can also point to other types of partnerships such as business partners, very close friendships, or even room-mates. In any case, the Union card communicates the predestined convergence and soul connection of two individuals. Whoever the person s that is in your life right now, or whoever it is that is coming into your life, is of great significance as far as your soul lessons are concerned. This is a beautiful opportunity for personal growth and conscious expansion of your heart centre. Sometimes these relationships bring up our deeply held beliefs about the quality of love we feel we deserve. They can help to raise our consciousness and understanding so that we feel safe to allow this person to see into the deepest, most vulnerable parts of ourselves. With these types of relationships, one thing is for certain -- you will grow and learn from them. Enjoy all the good this union has to offer. Be as open as possible to recognizing your triggers, fears, and old patterns of behaviors. Be mindful of when you are feeling the need to hide or protect yourself, or if you begin to fear losing their love. This will enable you to consciously address and heal any old issues and wounds of the past. This is a part of the soul agreement that you and this person share. You have come together to help each other to become whole, healed, and open to love in every way.

Return to Spirit ~ Card #2 ~


There is an expression in English about words being printed in black and white. By drawing this card, Spirit is affirming to you that you need to get your words written down on paper. Is there something you have thought about writing? It could be poetry, a children’s book, a song, a letter, a website, a channeled message, a book or even a speech. Whatever it may be, the energy of putting your thoughts, ideas and information into a tangible form of manifestation is here. Do not put it off any longer. If you are having doubts, that’s fine. Just acknowledge them and take action anyway. It’s important you do, as this is going to lead to something more.

Your creative force and expression is powerful – probably more powerful than you are aware of. What you have to say, share and bring forward to others, can be very influential and appreciated. Trust yourself and the words that come to you. Be mindful not to judge whether your writing seems good enough. You just need to allow yourself to start.

If you have already begun on the writing process, then it is important for you to receive this encouragement from your guides and angels, as you continue toward completion. You can do this. Your words are needed. You are doing great. Trust what is coming through you. Trust that you were made to do this. Just keep going. Not everyone is born with the gift or purpose to write, but you were. Now is your time to shine in doing this.

The Write card can also indicate a need to begin journaling. This could be in the form of a diary. However, it could also be that you need to start recording the ideas, thoughts and teachings you are receiving. There is pertinent information in your written words.

Return to Spirit ~ Card #3 ~


The power card rules the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra. This is where we experience our own sense of personal power. If you have drawn this card today, it is because Spirit is asking that you focus on your own sense of personal power – and claim it. Have you been hiding from your power or afraid to own it? Have you been feeling powerless or fearing you aren’t strong enough? It’s time to focus on your solar plexus, and start to build your sense of personal power. Sometimes there can be a drain from our solar plexus because we are unintentionally corded to another person – most often in close relationships. This energetic cord runs directly from our third chakra and attaches ot the other person. We unknowingly let others siphon off our power. This can happen if we are enabling or trying to please someone. It can alsl happen if we fear losing the love of that person or if we feel attacked in some way. It is time for you to look closely at why this has happened to you and to ask your guides and angels to assist you with cutting that cord.

This card also comes if we are in fear of claiming our power; of standing tall and showing the world exactly who we are. Most often, we have had experiences in our early years, where we personally witnessed the misuse of power or had someone attempt to diminish our own. That was in the past though, and you know how power is not to be used. You also know that not claiming your own power does not serve you. It’s time for you to claim You – to claim your life, and claim the fact that you are a powerful, incredible soul.

Return to Spirit ~ Card #4 ~


Time to lift your eyes off the ground and start looking up toward the heavens. Keeping YOU down and trying to be small isn't going anyone any favors. This world needs you -- the real you. Low self esteem and self worth is impeding your perception of whom and what you really are. It is also affecting your ability to put yourself out into the world. There is a whole other life, waiting inside you, crying to be lived. The only thing standing in your way is you. The Universe sees you and knows you as a Divine spark of the All. They are calling you now to begin embracing that aspect of yourself too. Stand up, hold your head up, and begin looking at the ways in which you are dis-empowering yourself. It's time to start building your own personal sense of value and your own sense of worth. Spirit knows that it is not an easy task, which is why they have brought you this message today. Every time you feel you are not enough, look up to the heavens and know the entire Cosmos is supporting you on this. When you see the sky above you, let that be your reminder that you are more than enough. You are God incarnated. And the only one who can give you value and a sense of worth is you. There is nothing your guides and angels want more than to see you step in to the truth of who you really are. Start looking to the good within you, the value you actually do have, and the difference you really do make. Start to see yourself as the Universe sees you. Human is what you are wearing on the outside. Inside, you are a brilliant Light o Divine Source. Remember who you are.

Please do comment below and let me know how your card choices went in relation to your life. You may share as much or as little as you wish.

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