Every night when you're asleep, your angels, your unconscious mind, and the Universe are giving you guidance, answers to your questions, and cautioning and/or communicating with you through signs. You can take charge of your life and experience deep and intensive healing in all areas of your life by understanding and processing these dream messages accurately. These messages are designed to resolve your deepest questions and concerns cropping up in your life presently and to shine light upon your unconscious mind infusing you with love. We can harness the power of dreams to steer ourselves in our desired direction!

How can we do this you ask? First of all, we should always the angels of love and light to surround us as we sleep and invite them and their healing into our sleep and dreams. As our physical bodies are at rest so too is our ego which allows the angels to heal us much more effectively and without blocks or interference.

What if I don't remember my dreams? In some cases, its very possible that you are not dreaming. Many of us are natural astral travelers and are not even in our physical body as it rests. Instead, we leave our body and go to the spiritual realms where we are downloaded with information by our angels and guardian angels or we are learning things which will support and assist us in the near future. Others of us are healers and go the spiritual realm to help heal our bodies, minds, spirits and even others who need it at that time. Oftentimes, Archangel Michael is one of your totem guides if you are an astral healer. Don't worry if you don't remember dreams you are remembering that which you need to. One thing I like to do each night before falling asleep is to ask my angels and guides to send me answers or solutions to specific things in my life and then ask them to help me remember the messages they give me if it will serve my highest good by either waking me up or giving me the messages right before I wake up so they are fresh in my mind.

Don't dismiss your dreams easily, they are all very meaningful and they are free heavenly messages sent to you to assist you in your life. Remember, nothing is coincidence, everything happens for a reason and that includes every dream, every vision, every thought and feeling we have. If you don't understand a message then you can certainly ask them for clarification and they will send you the messages in a different way.

What are your dreams telling you recently?