Angels are wonderful beings of light who surround us each and every day, even those who are unaware of it. Through communicating with our Angels we can achieve peacefulness, harmony, health, love, romance and much more through discovering who we are, who we were and which choices support our life purpose.

Will Angels communicate with lil 'ole me?

The Angels wish to assist us in all of the different areas of our life including helping us to go down the right path for our life purpose, guide us in our love life and to our sou-lmate, how to gain abundance and the financial means we require, what should we do about career issues, living situations and anything else you may need assistance with.

I often hear, "why would angels communicate with me, am I so special that angels would go out of their way to help me?" The angels see us as loving beings of light, they are extensions of God and therefore extensions of us and they love us unconditionally and are here to assist us in any way we ask; however, we must ask because they cannot interfere in our free will. It is ultimately our choice which path we take but they will help guide us and make our life transitions smoother if we ask them.

One way to communicate with the angels is through Angels Cards which, are a very positive way of seeking spiritual guidance about all areas of your life. Angel readings are all very uplifting and energizing messages and part of my mission as a light-worker is to help the Angels spread their love and light throughout the world. Other ways to communicate with the angelic realm are through meditation, developing your psychic skills (yes, everyone has these, even you!) or just talking to God or the Angels about what you want as you would a friend. Many of us have had angelic experiences where the Angels have intervened to save us from some kind of disaster or life threatening situation.

Everyone receives Angelic messages everyday and don't even realize it! These come in the form of thoughts in our heads, images in our mind, senses through our feelings, intuition, dreams, numbers and much more!

Thoughts in our head - these come as divine inspired ideas which we should take action on. Have you ever had a thought just appear out of nowhere about something? This is the Angels communicating with you! This ability is called Clair-audience.

Images in our Minds - Have you ever had random pictures or visions appear in your mind while you are awake? This is another example of Angelic communication! This ability is called Clairvoyance.

Senses through our Feelings - Have you ever felt like you were picking up on others emotions around you or through a special bond with a family member or friend? This ability is called Clairsentience, more commonly known as Empathy as well.

Intuition - Have you ever known something and have no idea how you knew that? This is another form the Angels use to communicate with us! This ability is called Clair-cognizance.

Dreams - This is one of the more common methods the Angels use to communicate with us but most people put it down to being nothing more than a dream, a subconscious desire.

Numbers - Do you often see the same combinations of numbers everywhere such as 111, 222, 333, 444 555, 666, 777, 888, 999? These and more are all messages the Angels are sending us!

You will be amazed at how many times the Angels send you messages each and every day if you will open yourself up and invite them into your life. Are you willing to take the first step to improve your life with miraculous results?