The Fairies are Nature's Angels and master manifestors who are willing to help all of us increase our manifesting power through spiritual evolution and growth. They also care very much for the well being of our planet and the environment.

Oftentimes, we can exchange energy with them very easily to ask for their help. We can either do this of our own free will by cleaning up something within the environment; for instance, picking up trash at a local park or along the street and then request the fairies help with whatever we need at that time and they will reply and extend their energy towards you!

The Fairies are all about play and balance and love to help us bring more joy into our lives. Go into a natural wooded area and call on them to assist you and I bet you will even seen them. One of my favorite activities while hiking or spending time in nature is to snap pictures and then find the Fairies hidden within those pictures. They always have messages for us in this way. Look for, not only the Fairies themselves, but other objects shaped into messages or us. This could be a leaf in a recognizable shape, a tree extending its messages to us or a cloud from the angels.

You will know that Fairies are nearby if you see mushrooms or clover, these are their play-fields and they love these items more than everything else. If you would like to invoke the Fairies  you can bring plants into your home -- either house plants or flowered plants, create a fairy garden outside your home or even create a Fairy Home or altar in you living space. The Fairies are very receptive to those who invite them in and are happy to assist.